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Help needed with Ultimate Wall-e remote - someone to clone commands

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I finally found a used Ultimte Wall-e but he his missing the remote. I wrote Thinkaway, but they no longer have replacements. My only hope is finding another Wall-e owner! My plan, if it will work, even if somewhat clumsily, is to purchase a learning remote and have someone clone his commands from an original remote into the learning remote. If someone will be kind as to help me, I will mail the learning remote to them (with return packaging and postage). I'll also Paypal they a few dollars for their time in jotting down the corresponding button assignment.

Voice Activated R2D2

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I have an R2D2 in good cosmetic condition that's stopped moving but still interacts via sound. I don't have the robotic knowledge or skills to repair it, and if I can't find someone to fix it I would be more than happy to sell it on to someone else who could fix it for their own pleasure. Anyone interested? 

Looking For

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It's been awhile since I have been in this area of the internet, but the alluring tug of robots always brings me back around. Indeed, it's that time again to adopt a bot.

I'm looking for, among other things, an RS Media in decent condition (or terribly for dirt cheap), and Femisapien. Price range is around $150 USD.

Robots from other companies are also interesting, if you have one that needs a new living space, feel free to mention it!