rovio MAC address - resetting SetMac.cgi API correction

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A correction to the Rovio API 1.3.

The API documentation says:

http://<IP address>/SetMac.cgi?MAC=

The correct command is:

http://<IP address>/SetMac.cgi?mac=AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF

... for your MAC and IP address. The former will set you MAC address randomly to some function of the supplied MAC like 00:00:00:00:80:AF

I know resetting the MAC is not a good idea generally but if you have to .. then this how.

Regards, T.




rovio will not connect after firmware v.5.03 update

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I am using XP and had downloaded and installed Rivio Siftware Installer v.2.3 from the page.

Before I saw a page to run my Rovio, it told me to install the firmware.  From the same page I downloaded and installed the firmware.  But since then it will not connect to my Rovio and the kittle on/off light does not lite up.

Is there a way un do the installs and start over.  My network is fine.  All so the lights around Rovio light up fine.

Any suggestions?

Avoiding low battery auto dock routine?

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Has somebody already found out how to avoid the auto dock routine getting initialized on low battery state?

One reason why I want to stop the Rovio from starting to automatically drive back to the charging dock is that I installed some other hardware on top of the unharmed Rovio that blocks the camera arm from moving upwards.

I think there are two options to stop the Rovio from driving "back home":

1. Direct firmware hack (changing some values with a hex editor).

2. Modifying (open) source code and compiling the firmware with the ARM Developer Suite 1.2.