Rovio arrives

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Got my Rovio today yay! Works great easy setup, however I am sorry to say no luck with Samsung Instinct phone, very dissapointed. I am afraid that your choices of using your phone with it are going to be extremely limited,(as I suspected a long time ago and posted) if anyone ever gets a phone working with it, let us know!

Adding an Arm to a Rovio

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This thread was split off the end of the Wall-E thread when 4mem8 pondered what he'd do with a robotic arm he'd won with his Wall-E submission to an online contest.


Mount the arm on a Rovio, assuming of course the little bugger can handle the weight.


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I'm dying here!  When can we get it?  I'm building a server cluster right now to control the little bugger and I was hoping it would be my Christmas present.  Any news would be appreciated!