Rovio Can't Connect to Any PC Seems Dead or Paralyzed.

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Hi, I'm a New Member Here and I Have a Wowee Rovio That I Managed to Connect It to a PC with Windows 7 64 Bit running Windows Vista Virtual Machine and I Never Got to get Actually Configure or Use It I Just Saw the Green Light Just After Using Rovio Restore to Restore It to Defaults and I Had Connected to My Laptop Inside the Virtual Machine Windows Vista Trying to Update It's Firmware I was Able to Get to the Next Step in the Rovio Setup Software Just After It Askes You to Connect Rovio But All I Think I Did was Just Reinstall the Rovio Setup Software And That Made the Green Light Suddenly

Make a charging cradle

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I do not know if there is anyone active in this forum...but...I recently obtained a Rovio in good working condition.  I read every post in this forum, obtained the source code, obtained ADS 1.2, and have compiled and flashed firmware.  I think I am up to speed with the latest (but not very recent) developments.The problem is that the Rovio that I have does not have a charging dock.  Currently, I just remove the battery and charge it with a Tenergy charger.

rovio software

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Is there a reason why all the rovio downloads are gone?  Are there legal reasons why they were taken down? I'm not finding the post that says "gone due to crash" or "we no longer host files" anywhere. If someone has all the files and would like to send them to me I will host for a short while. I've also been seaching here and there and now have the following files:

rovio_firmware_v5.03t_build3711 (roviodirect)





Rovio Mobile Webcam

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I have a fully working Rovio and base charger with extra new battery for sale on Ebay. The original software works fine in Windows 10 as do the various iPhone/iPad apps. anybody would like to buy it at a very fair price indeed, that would be cool. I live in Ireland, but I am sure delivery or postage would be possibe.

No Nav Signal even LED's working

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Hi RoviosI'm Tom and I own  3 Rovios. I use them as house guards. So every 2 minutes they bark when we're not at home.Of course we drive around, to look after the rooms from time to time.Since I bought it used from ebay, one Rovio doesn't get a NAV signal from its docking station.I checked the one IR-LED of the vertical arm with my old digital cam. I see it on the display, so this LED is working.The 2 LED inside the lense are also seems to working. I dismounted the bowl of the lens and point the LED towards the sensor of the Rovio.The Nav Signal is then recognized by the Rovio.