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WowWee 2006 Roboreptile Interactive Robotic Reptile - Remote Problems

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I bought a Roboreptile used - I did not pay much for it and I bought it as is.  The Robot works.  At least it does a start up demo when turned on.  The only thing wrong with him is the shoeld for on the head is missing.  I cannot get the remote to do ANYTHING!!  Any suggestions of what to do or where is the best place to get one resonably priced.  I am wanting to sell once I get everything working.  Thanks for any help you can offer.  I know nothing about these things. 

'Emotional' robot ERWIN teams up with friendly android Keepon

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Students at the University of Lincoln have two new friends - emotional robot ERWIN and a 3-D humanistic android called Keepon.

The pair of 'friendly' robots are helping scientists to understand how more realistic long-term relationships could be developed between humans and robots.