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Korea Testing Household Bots

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Korea is once again proving that they're ahead of the technological curve in so many ways. This time, it's the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) that is behind a quiet revolution. They launched the pilot program of the national 'Ubiquitous Robot Companion' effort last week. They are taking a number of bots and placing them into 1000 homes for testing. These bots will perform some basic household functions. In addition, a few bots will be placed in airports and train stations to help tourists with information and directions.

The Navirobo. How About a Navisapien?

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Engadget just discovered the Navirobo, which looks like a cute teddy bear, but it's actually a GPS-enabled navigation bot that points in the direction you're supposed to go in, and apparently mocks you if you miss a turn and dances once you successfully reach your destination. Sounds cute. Well, perhaps the first few times.

Roboreptile in action at Digital Life 2006

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Check out a video of the Roboreptile in action at WowWee's booth at Digital Life in NYC. It's not doing a whole lot except acting crazy Tongue out, but if you haven't seen the Roboreptile move before, this is a good chance to see how fast it is. Just take a look at how fast the tail moves...

Click here to see the video

Have Robots speak commands or tips

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There are so many controls and commands that you can execute on the Robosapien line of robots, I think it would be great if they could speak tips and commands to you on demand to help you learn to controls.

For example, I push a 'tip' button and the Robosapien could tell me that holding down Shift-2, Shift-3 and the "D" button makes him Burp.  He could cycle through the commands that way.