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RS Media Video Ribbon Cable

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I need to repair the end of the video ribbon cable that attaches to the media board.  Replacements don't seem to be readily avaiable, so I want to trim off the small end damage and use the existing cable.  My question is - what is the best method to remove the plastic coating on the cable to expose the metal within the ribbon cable?

Download RS Media personalitys.

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So here I can Download RS Media personalitys right? Yeah that's true like the "C3PO" Personality. And before I download it-Can I hear how he speaks then? Perhaps A small recording of the Voice? Yeah I know I can Watch Videos on Youtube but NO ONE have made a Video with this personality. Only "Jobeanvideos" But his Videos aren't the best... Ah Whatever.

Please Help!

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Help request! May be a re-hash of a discussed problem, not sure

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RS media powers up no problem goes thru its boot mode responds to commands for awhile and then powers down stating that it needs a recharge even if new fresh batteries are installed. Sometimes operates for a few minutes at random timelengths

sometimes powering down as soon as it has booted.

Appreciate any help from the members.....!


< would a re-flash reflash of code help? etc etc...>

Only USB-Net "OFF" funktion after upgrading RS Media V1 to V2

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Hi there,

after upgrading my RS Media V1 with V2 firmware it works nearly perfect. The only thing I could not understand was that the USB-Net option had only the 'Off' function. I've tried to flash the Kernel with the 'RSMV2ReloadFiles' but I got the error message 'Kernel fails / wrong size'. Checking out the firmware version with 'RSMCheckVersion', it's all ok. All points show 'RSMV2'. I flashed the RS Media again with 'UpgradeRSMV1toRSMV2'. It was all ok, but there was no option to switch on the USB-Net funktion again.

RS Media Touch Screen Remote Software

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I'm new to robotics and this is my first post in the forum. I saw a listing on E-Bay where someone was selling a phone that had software on it to control RS Media robots. I was wondering if anyone knows the source of this software as I have never seen this before.

Here is the link to the listing: