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neck gearbox

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Hi everyone, Im wondering if anyone can help me again. Im looking for the top cog in the neck gearbox of an rs media. The one that connects the gearbox top the neck for forward and backward movement of the Rsm,s head. Ive tried WowWee no luck, well no reply to be fare. If anyone knows where or who has one I will buy it from them+  Shipping.



rs media neck motor

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Hi everyone, I have a small problem with my robot. The shaft that moves the head back and foward had broken. Well I fixed that after reading post on this forum. My question is can I have put the motor in backwards? I seem to have quite a lot of downward motion and hardly any upward motion. The bots head hardly goes to level, when I move it upwards. Any help on this would be great.



needed help sd rsm

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hi i have an rsm and it looks like he cant read his sd card.i can see the personality on th sd.

but when i choose one he goes to the previous page.he boots fine and the 4 personality are on rsm too.any idea what i can do.anything els works perfect.


RS Media Remote a Question!

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Can anyone advise me if an RSMEDIA remote will work on a Robosapien V2.....

Someone whois selling both rsmedia robot and robosapien V2. claims that this works

ie the sale is for 2 robots ONE rsmedia remote controller..........mmmmmmmmmm!

(peronally i dont buy this statement)


much appreciated!



Cannot stand up or lie down.

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Hi, I just got a used RS Media that cannot stand up or lie down. When walking forward the torso tends to flop forwards causing the RS to fall. When it tries to tilt forwards or backwards I can hear a motor whirring but no movement from the RS and the motor doesn't appear to be engaged. All of the upper body functions seem to work fine.


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Anyone here know where to find rsmedia replacement electronic parts?

have a list of the components on the 2 x boards?


I need a small coil on the mainboard marked 1R0....anyones guess what this is?

thnks in advance!

Lots of questions....

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My wife picked up the rs media robot at a thrift store today,
While in very nice shape even the tag is on his arm and arm wiring in protective plastic he might be broken,
I put in all the batteries, when turned on he talks about system check then loading personality and seems to replete that for a while then starts to say what sounds like an introduction who is but when he gets to what I'm guessing is "name" he falls over backwards.