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Extra Inputs / Outputs pins on RSMedia

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This post is for Grazygeorge who was interested to hear about possibilities for extra IO pins on RSMedia.

Back in 2008 I found a way to use six extra I/O pins on RSMedias main board.  The details of this was posted to another forum (which is now defunct).  So I am reposting it on Robocommunity now. Everything below is almost identical to what I posted in 2008...

RS Media not working

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Hello everyone,


Friend of mine bought me a second hand Robosapien RS Media from UK and sent me by cargo. It has been controled by him and it was working properly.

But when it arrived me, there was no image on the screen, no sd card and no sound. It was opening without sound, moving the classic opening moves and stops. It was just moving the hands and head, nothing else.


Help for Develop RS Media

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I am new for Developing Applications for rs media ,I have some Questions : 1- Is there a way to develop an application for RS Media using .NET?2- I want to Excecute a program at RS Media But not By RS Media Development kit because it use the SDcard which is an old and small storage.3- Is there is better way to interact with the robot better than IR remote ? 4 - Can I connect /replace the Processor by another enhanced one ? or plug a Pocket PC like RoboMe ..I think the Best thing in RS MEDIA than ROBOMe is it has alot of motors ..

stuck in bootstap mode, any ideas

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I have an RS v1  stook in bootstrapmode.  I have removed all connections and checked the board.   


I can boot into it with nocturnals and helibots files/instructions  and get option toi reflash bootloader, and it all seem to work,  but my board is stuck in BS mode.

I may have messed up the size of the nand flash partition, ( left card in with proper 2v upgrade not v1-v2 ) but 


1.  Am not sure if that would affect it

2.  i think i can only correct it if i get the right bootloader on it.  


i need some enlightenment

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we have a RS MEDIA robot and the moment you turn it on, it says among other words "I'm afraid I am out of tubes/juice??" we really do not undertand the last word it says. Not clear.

And then the robot turns off.

Has anyone heard something similar to this? What does it mean? How can we solve it?

Thanks guys!


newish RSM hacks

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hi, am currently working on a hack for the rs media to make it voice controlled, phone controlled, bluetooth controlled, and wifi controlled. ( making the remotes a bit usless )

you need a raspberry Pi ( £ 30 )

sound card ( £ 5 ) ( for the mic, )

optional usb to serial converter ( RS V1s , V2s may be doable differently )

BT modual ( £ 1 ) ( pound shop special

wifi dongle ( 10 ) optional extras for fun IR dongle ( or build one from the PI GP0s, ( easy enough ) .

RS Media Screen issue.

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Ok.. The ribbon to my robot disconected on accident while trying to fix my robot. The orignal issue was that he couldn't use his hands since I thought the motors were faulty. I recently found a AC compatible power source that acutually works better that the one givin to me from a idiot ebay seller..  So while the issue of the motors are solved the ribbon cable to the LCD screen got accidently disconected :(