Robosapien V1 & V2

Robosapien V2 neck snap when turns right or left

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Hello guys!I need a little help, when I turn the head right or left, the hands doen't open completely and starts to snap very bad, I opened the chest, I checked the wires and everything seems to be alright, can you guys help me please? I'm getting crazy :(Here are some pictures:

wowwee robosapien

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Hi can anyone help,bought secondhand worked when brought home,then stoped working,eyes stay on but nothing else happens,checked batteries all have plenty  of power,robot did fall over but worked perfectly well afterwards,swiched off byt when putting back on only eyes light up??

Robosapien remote problem not working

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I got a two robosapien remotes one knockoff remote and one original robosapien remote My queston is that both of my remotes only work on my robosapien but they don't work on my spidersapien or my homersapien and i need them to work because i dont have the remotes for spidersapien and homerspaien so why is the remote not working? everyone is saying that they work for all robosapiens? And i've seen videos with them working with the normal remote.


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I found a working large model Oringinal Robo Sapein V2 at a Goodwill Thrift Store having all of his fuctions,button sensors, and limbs*still INTACT* for only $5.00, O_o Main issue I'm having is The Online Robo Replacement Parts vendor who carries replacement V2 remote controls has been out of stock for a looooooooooooong time, so that Robo Sapien V2 Remote could be discontinued.