WowWee REV vehicles rechargable battery packs

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WowWee REV vehicles rechargable battery packs

I purchased the Robot Enhanced Vehicles for my son this past Christmas. The vehicles eat through batteries so I ordered two rechargable battery packs. The problem was, they were both dead on arrival. I contacted WowWee and told them about it and they offered to send a replacement in January. Well February came around and I sent another message. I then spoke to a rep who I believe is the rep I am about to write this review about. The battery packs were sent quickly. However, only one worked and the other DOA. I did some research and saw this was an issue with old stock and that it is being corrected. I emailed again and was offered two brand new battery packs from a customer service specialist named Judith. I decided to give Judith my back story. This last Christmas was our first Christmas since my wife and son's mother passed away. It's been tough to even make money not having anyone to watch my son. Everything I get him for christmas I scrimped and saved for. I try to make the holidays special so it's not so hard on my son not having his mother there. It was a shame that the batteries wouldn't work and here we are again with no working batteries and going through AA's like they were out of style. My son has been begging for the REV air but I was nervous to purchase it after all this trouble. Well Judith, the WowWee customer service specialist I spoke with was very kind and understanding of our situation. Not only is she making sure I'm getting 2 NEW batteries that have been tested and 100% work, but she also offered a little balancing robot called the WowWee mip robot for all the trouble we have gone through and as a gift for my sons first birthday without his mother. She also offered to send extra props for the REV air I am purchasing my son for his birthday. This type of customer service is far beyond what I ever expected. A women who doesn't know us at all felt for our situation and went above and beyond to assure our satisfaction. Problems aside, if you are reading this judith, you are an amazing person and a great customer service specialist and WowWee is lucky to have you. Thank you so much for everything you are doing and for helping me make this a memorable birthday for my son. God bless you. If anyone at WowWee reads this. Do whatever you can to keep Judith as an employee because people like her are what keeps me doing business with your company after all the issues I have had. For people out there who have had the same problem, just shoot them an email. They take care of their customers. Just give them a chance. One last time I want to thank Judith from WowWee. You are an amazing person. :-)

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