Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound

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Robosapien rs media lcd screen gone and no sound

Got a rs media totday but the lcd is broken i mean the wire and also the camera.. When he boots up he normaly says system checkt then he does his thing but except of leaning forward he goes backwards? 500 dollar for this piece of crap seriously wowwee? Anyway i also hear some poping sound from his back i opened him and now no sound anymore why is there no sound anymore nothing snapt!!! Can someone help ? Also van i get a new flex cable for my rsm? Thats why the stupid lcd screen dont work... 

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You posted an updated message in another thread, but I will answer in this one (as this thread is more appropriate)...Your updated message was 

hello helibot can you please help me?please read your messages or help me here my robosapien rs media wont boot up its a v1 it stays stuck at the wowwee splash i reinstalled the software of v1 and script dump nothing works it does install but the resault is nothing my friend sended a message to you what my problem is because i couldn't login it reads the sd card all that problems are fixed only it won't boot so please help me with this problem i want to use the robot i spend a month on this robot and nothing worked.regards.

If the Wowee screen is completely blank, make sure that the ribbon cables were pu back correctly , they are around the right way, and they are not swapped (ie the two cables at thenexk are not swapped). If you seach the forum, you should  find threads with pictures of teh cables. Another option is that the firmware is corrupted. If the SDCard is working,  then try the Firmware checker at to confirm if the firmware is installed OK. Let me know if you get any errors. You can also try this rsupdate_app version: me know if you dont know how to use the rsupdate_app file on the robot, and I will give you further instructions.).It will boot the robot like normal, but tries to log all the bootup messages onto the SDCard.If this works then copy the .log files off the SDCard and email them to me (if you get them I will give you an email addess)Cheers   Helibot

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The RS Media is another item in WowWee's line of biomorphic robots, in view of a mobile framework planned by the astonishing master! all things considered, I generally inquisitive to think about the whole system of it. I know the disturbance for settling it,  Might best feature allow user to display it. Regards: thepineappleinc

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While playing gba advance had the similar sound issue resolved when I checked Mute Toggle: Right shift (upper right corner of the remote) + "y". Pressed to toggle between RS Media’s robot voice being ON or OFF. Found the sound solution here.