a new era in Rovio Firmware Hacking and Enhancement

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David Feng said: The schematic site can not be accessed

Try this link David.... http://heanet.dl.sourceforge.net/project/rovio/Documentation/KOI-MP802_M...

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I compiled an updated version of FW with a small patch to rovio.js to send brightness values via i2c so image can be brighter.

I commited patch + uploaded firmware to sourceforge ie:
Not perfect (dirty hack) but may help in low light conditions.

Usual Rovio FW update procedure, works on My Rovio.
Update only if you are comfortable with Rovio FW update (eventually reset) procedure as i've not been able to test on someone else Rovio.


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Hi Chris,

I just now got back to checking this thread. I'm excited to see your changes. I see you've wrapped the update into an executable. I'm a little puzzled as I was expecting a binary firmware image. What gives?

Anyway, I wanted to send a thank you, since there were no other responses.

I'm going to try it soon, but all my Rovios are suffering from encoder burn out right now.

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Hi Vinnie,
you mean Rovio-chris75-503c.bin?
This is a firmware image, I'm using it on my Rovio though it is not a major improvement of the original FW , only a few lines to hack brigthness control.