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An advanced tool

Leveraging upon our technical expertise and streamlined manufacturing facilities, we present a comprehensive and an aesthetic range of industrial filters, simplex strainers and heat exchangers and other equipment. For efficient determination of our products, we follow quality standards like IS 2825 & ASME SEC-VIII and even pursue a third party testing by Lloyds, ABS and others. Aiming to serve the best, these filters and other equipment are demanded by industries.

Our range includes industrial filter, air dryer, air receiver, dehumidifier, demister pad, shell heat exchanger, hydraulic filter, industrial liquid filter, compressed air filter and gas filter. Advance International group of companies is catering to the
various requirements of Indian and foreign industry from the last three
decades. We  have  expertise  in  the  field  of designing, manufacturing and distribution   of   air,  liquid,   gas filters,  dryers,  strainers  and  heat exchangers etc. We are a team of skilled professionals, every member of which is committed to produce premium quality products.