One type of zener diode

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One type of zener diode

The ZD33 is build as just one type of zener diode which build over the Unisonic technology Co.,Ltd.It has two features:(1)compact,2-pin(SOD-323) and 3-pin(SOT-23) mini-mold sorts for high-density mounting;(2)high need voltage broad range (2.4V~36V) is produced on high-efficient non-wire bonding producing line.

The complete optimum ratings from the ZD33 are:(1)total energy dissipation (Ta=25℃):225 mW;(2)derating above 25℃:1.8 mW/℃;(3)thermal resistance junction-ambient:417 ℃/W;(4)junction temperature:+150 ℃;(5)storage temperature(TSTG):-40 to +150 ℃.Note:absolute optimum ratings are individuals values previous which the system could be permanently damaged.Absolute optimum ratings are strain ratings only and sensible system operation is not implied.

UTC assumes no obligation for items failures that final result from utilizing dietary supplements at values that exceed,even momentarily,rated values (such as optimum ratings, operating circumstance ranges,or other parameters) thorough in dietary supplements specifications of any and all UTC dietary supplements described or contained herein. UTC dietary supplements are not build for use in existence help appliances,devices or techniques especially where malfunction of those dietary supplements could possibly be reasonably anticipated to final result in confidential injury.