Rovio major piece of junk

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Rovio major piece of junk

Everyone be warned.  Rovio is a major piece of junk and not worth 10 dollars.  This is the worst thing I have ever purchased in my life.

I managed for about a month to keep this piece of junk up and running, but when I moved and my ISP changed I was never able to once again get the software to connect to the piece of crap.

Mine is now happily in the trash. 



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duct tape anyone?

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What did you do- fight WWIII with it before it bit the dust???

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"duct tape anyone?"


Dude really went after that Rovio.  They are tough units. 

I had one go down a steep, long flight of stairs while the camera/neck assembly was in the middle position.

I was suprised to find the unit unscratched.  Took the fall like a champ.

I had to pop him open and re-align the gearing for his neck boom assembly and good as new.

I would say disgruntled poped that rovio head off like you would a chicken!



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Oh Dear,

Do I sense a little tantrum occuring?

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Wow... I could have used the spare parts :-)

I guess if your Rovio works it's great. Mine worked great for a while and now the battery will not hold a charge. I am in the process of getting a new 5000mA battery for it. Before this problem, I had no problem running the rovio. Using C# I modified the API net library so that it returns photo's and video. I even had it programmed to do a little rudimentary SLAM ( self location and mapping) of my mad scientist room. It is actually a very sophistocated little robot with a lot of potential. I would have easly paid 10 bucks for the busted one :-)

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Shame on you...lots of folks around here would be happy to use the spare parts! But I understand that sometimes breaking things when you've had enough can buy back a little relief when things just haven't gone well. Bottom line, the Rovio is a high tech toy that is not for those who lack plentiful patience. I certainly felt the same way when I could not get my Rovio to work at first, but it was not enough to make me actually bust my 200 dollar new toy. Fact is, Wowwee went out on a limb in delivering something like this for us, because in the end, the quality of your Rovio ownership is dependent on so many other 3rd party things outside the manufacturer's control...things like, you know, different brands of routers, different ISP's, different browsers with multiple browser versions available, different operating systems, and the list goes on and on! There are other telepresence robots out there with superb manufacturer support, but then again, they cost thousands, not a couple hundred dollars, and are way above average Joe's budget. I for one could never get the easy Rovio setup wizard to work with my equipment. I had to patiently read through how to go through adhoc setup instead. Then my Dlink router was a major source of frustration... but in the end I got it all to work. In the end, I'm the only person I know who has a wi-fi camera robot that can remotely rove my house under my control from anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

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Very cool.

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Definitely would have paid for spare parts and a spare base...especially since the IR LEDS in mine were burned out until I fixed them. :(

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Hello, I am searching for the rovio's mainboard.Is there anyone selling this part?  Thank you.

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Hello, anyone has a wheel mechanism for sale? Thanks.