Configuring Rovio from Linux over WiFi

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Configuring Rovio from Linux over WiFi

When I initially tried setting up my Rovio from my Linux laptop using the Ad-Hoc method, I could not get the laptop to stay connected. So I booted a Windows partition and used a USB cable.

I now realize that it was just "finger trouble" - the network manager defaults to automatic and expects to get a DHCP lease. When that fails, as Rovio is not running a DHCP server, the connection aborts and reverts to another  network.

The following worked on a system running Gnome desktop on Fedora Core 9.

Power up Rovio

Click the NetworkManager applet on the toolbar (or run nm-connection-editor). You should see a ROVIO_WOWWEE wireless network. Right-click the applet and select "Edit Connections". Select Wireless, edit ROVIO_WOWWEE. Under WIreless, set SSID = ROVIO_WOWWEE, Mode Ad-Hoc. Under Wireless Security select None. Under IPv4 Settings select Manual, then Add,then enter an address in 192.168.10/24 (Wowwee suggest with Netmask and Gateway Click "Apply". DNS servers and Routes may be left blank

Close the dialogue boxes, then left-click the NetworkManager applet and select ROVIO_WOWWEE. The computer should connect and stay connected.

In a web browser such as Firefox, go to and follow the directions given in the user manual (click Settings, then the Network tab, and configure for your regular network. Then select your regular network in NetworkManager.)

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Good work adaviel. Yes, if you follow the manual and use like you also said everything works fine for ADHOC.