Zhu Zhu Hamster Hacking?

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Zhu Zhu Hamster Hacking?

Hey all! As mentioned I got me a couple Kung-Zhu Hamsters and an obsticle course recently.

These are actually bots. They roam on their own, change direction when their nose bumps something or just at random, randomly chatter.

In the instructions, though, it says that there are sensors that are called "Proprietary code readers" at the bottom of the hamster that will activate and do different things when it encounters a "pellet" (nowhere have I seen those for sale), certain attachments or arenas. Now I don't know but my Bravo obsticle course arena doesn't seem to have a code thingie to give the hamster a code. So I don't  know how that works.

I'd love to hack it and see if I can create obsticle courses (out of cardboard covered with paper printed out on the computer, for example) and have it trip code activations. That'd be neat!

When the code is activated, the bot is supposed to behave differently or say something different or something. Like unlocking special features.

I looked around online but can't find anything about that.

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That is a good question.  I wondered about the  "Proprietary code readers" in the directions also.

Big Lots is clearing ZhuZhu mouse stuff.  Quite abit of the habitat stuff for cheap. 

Further investigation is called for.


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I don't have one, but after reading your post I read up on them. From what I've read, I am wondering if the "code reader" isn't RFID maybe or something similar to that. I can't find it specifically called that, but that it what it sounds like to me.

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I'm wondering that too, or if it's just some pattern in the print on the activity center. Also it occurred to me that maybe the lighting in my apartment isn't good enough for it to pick up the code.

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Ok, I just got the "Giant Hamster Funhouse" which is $25. I noticed that they DO make certain sounds like eating or snoring in the kitchen/bedroom area and some odd noises (maybe flushing?) in the bathroom area. Watching them run, they also seemed to make some battle-like noises and music when going through the Bravo Training Center which I hooked to the funhouse.

I think I figured out how that works. It's not RFID, that's for sure. It's trigger-switch based. On the bottom of the hamster at the front (head) there is a little post and two little switches on either side of it that move up an down (not in and out of the hamster). If these are triggered in a certain pattern, then it causes the hamster to go into a certain mode (ie. bathroom, kitchen/bedroom, battle, etc.)

Looking at the funhouse, there is an included tunnel with little notches raised up on it. Two on one side and 3 on the other on the floor of the tunnel. If the hamster hits it just right it triggers the switches to put him in the mode.

Now, in the Training Center, there's a groove for the little middle peg. This must hold BOTH switches open somehow (causing the bot to be lower due to the groove), I dunno. But it does seem to trigger battle sounds and music sometimes.

So, in summary, to trigger the sounds, you need notches that will move those two trigger switches a certain way.

Next is trying to find what ones to move when and what sounds they could make! :)

Unfortunately, the web site doesn't have any info on this. So I guess it's up to us to figure it out! And, of course, how to make those switches work.

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   Well I am happy to finally see that there is starting to be more interest in these little furry bots. Both my daughter and I have taken a real interest in "hacking" these little guys, and see a real potential in many mods to these little guys. (i.e. Recharging stations or at least making them rechargeable)

   Just yesterday both my daughter and I went to CVS, because they were having a sale on more Kung Zhu's and there new "Battle Armor" with their "Battle Cards". Well we were able to see those little raised bumps on the backs of the cards which are suppose to put them into battle mode. So we began to record them on my little pocket notepad, which I try to keep with me every where I go.

   We were able to get, what I believe are, all of the "Codes", and THIS IS THE BEST PART... when we got home we were able to "Tap-in" the codes into the bottom "Proprietary code readers" and they all worked!!!

   The trick is to hold them in one hand with your thumb, ring and little finger, leaving your middle and index finger free to "Tap-in" the codes. Then start the little Kung Zhu's up in "Explore Mode", and while they're wheels are moving forward "Tap-in" with your middle and index finger, the codes.

Here are the codes which we were able to collect and use:
The way in which we have written the codes are from the Hamster's perspective, meaning the Hamster's (L)eft Side switch, (R)ight Side switch, or (D)ouble meaning both switches.

Yama/Fire Chunin (Red Card) - [D,L,D,D,D,L]
Stonewall/Night Raid (Blue Card) - [R,D,D,D,D,D]
Drayko/Shadow Jonin (Gray Card) - [R,D,D,D,R,D]
Azer/Dark Jonin (Black Card) - [R,D,D,R,D,D]
Thorn/Blizzard Jenin (White Card) - [D,D,L,D,D,L]
Sgt. Serge/Ambush (Olive Green Card) - [D,D,L,L,L,L]
Rocko/Dune Tracker (Yellow Card) - [D,D,D,D,D,L]
Rivet/Thunder Strike (Dark Green Card) - [R,R,R,R,D,D]

   One of the other things in which I notice is that it seems that all codes are 6 bit codes, and I have yet to discover any codes where there is a left and right code in the same sequence just Doubles and Lefts or Doubles and Rights. We were able to try some random six tap codes and were able to get both our Zhu-Zhu & Kung-Zhu Hamsters to respond with unique sounds and actions. We could only guess as to what modes the codes put the Hamsters in. Which brings me to a small request for TikaC if you could possibly post the codes from your Funhouse and Training Center, along with a description as to what the Hamster does or where the Hamster is at the time of the code.

   Sorry for the long post but we were just very excited that there may be more people interested in hacking these little guys. Later we will also included some pictures of our cardboard, work in progress, DIY Hamster play area. We started building it before we discovered the codes, but hope to include coded areas into it. We were also thinking of maybe making some sort of universal code card in which you could set the codes on the card and then run the Hamster across it.

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I know about those codes. there are ' Tablets of Zhu" and they have little bumps. those are the codes

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TikaC has been great enough to send us and allow us to post the code from the Zhu-Zhu Fun House. TikaC responded to my request for the Fun House code stating that in the Fun House;

    "There's a tube that connects the bathroom from the kitchen/bedroom part. In it, going from the bath to the kitchen/bedroom, there is the groove and on the right is 6 small raised parts. On the left there is one raised part, then no raised part next to the 2nd raised part on the right and then another raised part after that (so it's like raised, skip, raised on left, and 6 raised on right)."

    "When going to the bathroom, the Serge wolf whistles when he arrives. When going to the kitchen/bedroom, he either snores or makes eating noises."

From the picture which TikaC sent along with the code we can see that the grooves as far as I can tell are just guides to direct the Hamster in towards the bumps. We would read these bumps, going from right-to-left, (in the picture), as: [Double,Left,Double,Left,Left,Left] or D,L,D,L,L,L.

 Zhu-Zhu FunHouse Codes

We have notice that the codes are Bi-Directional and have separate actions when entered in the opposite direction. (i.e. the code: D,L,D,L,L,L could also be entered as R,R,R,D,R,D or (Right,Right,Right,Double,Right,Double), and it would trigger a different action by the Zhu's.

To anyone else interested, please post any codes which you may have which are not listed here along with a brief description of where the code is located and what the hamster's reaction is when crossing the code. Pictures would really be great as well.

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I will have to get the codes from the Police Station, which I just got the other day.

Many thanks to Demon916 for posting this. I have been busy and stuff and haven't got around to posting it. I do hope to add a section on Byte Bin Robot Lab for these hamsters and the codes for them. We can then just keep adding codes as we all go along. I'll put up a form for folks to submit codes at some point.

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My favorite accessory is the Zhu Zhu Mouse Pizza Parlour.

That little mouse slams out pies almost as quick as I do!


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Zhu hacking is definitely begging for it's own mini-wiki somewhere.

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the white card backwards is the black card try it

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Hampster Hacking sounds promising.

I don't have one yet but getting for the family soon. I already had thoughts of a large channel track that follows their entire irregularly shaped bedroom that featured a few obstacles for the zhu zhu's.

I just wanted to put a bump on this thread because it deserves more input. I'll be using some of this hopefully to benefit my design.

If anyone can tell me which track code could cause the zhu-zhu to move in continuous forward motion rather forward then backwards would be super!

-- Keep hacking.

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In response to IDKZHUZHU's comment about the black and white cards being the reverse of each other they are correct. If you look to see the team pairs of Kung Zhus they are each the opposite of each other. See my earlier post to see all of the codes, for the "Tablets of Zhu".

As for tuxit09's request I do not know of any special code which would have any of the Zhu pets continue to go in a forward direction, as I believe the main idea of these little guys personalities is to be somewhat "unpredicable", in a programmed way of course.

I do know that any of the above codes from the Kung-Zhu "Tablets of Zhu", will cause the Kung Zhu to stop, give a "War Crying", and wait in battle mode for someone to push it's back button to send it on it's way.

My daugther and I have made a Zhu Zhu play area from an old 46" LCD TV cardboard box, about (4ft x 7ft), I have yet to implement any of the codes in it, but I will try to get some pics of it up on here if anyone is interested.

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I found this article on another site with several switch codes for the zhu zhu. I have tried a few successfully.

I also took my Kung Zhu apart to see the inner workings.

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To get the hamster to continue going forward, you need to enter DDDLLL (it's from the slide).

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if you have roxie do this code. DLDLDL

Zhu Zhu Hamsters
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New site launched for reviews and product information on Zhu Zhu hamsters.

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dude ur codes ar awesome ilike the rocker

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I know how to hack them.Look on the back of a tablet of Zhu.See where those little bumps are that they run across? For example, if there were 2 bumps, side by side, both of the little things on the code reader would be flicked. To make it work:1.Look at the back of a tablet. 2.Flick the code reader the way a tablet would bump them!