rs media repair help

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rs media repair help

hi all i just got an rsm with some faults it wont boot i use the work round an got it to boot then when it moves any think he shuts down if i lay it on its back boots ok and i can connect it to a pc like this i removed the chest plate and found that some one hac put a serial connection on it but all 6 pins have been connected i have a usb to serail cable if i need to connect to rsm could i make the 9pin rs232 out put of the cable to fit rsm 6 wires i see from the forum that UTC THOK D882L and UTC TFD8 B772L are poss motor drivers im in the uk and cant find them any where any help would be great

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Were my battery's are in the controller of my RS Media there's brown fluid leaking out and the spring were the battery's sit is broken.

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PS may have spares please post pic

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HiOn the back of th board, for a serial connection, you only need to use 3 wire.  ( GND TX RX ).  you can see witch ones on the documentation on rsmdevkit. Your other problems are probebly more down to teh battery connections.  I would check the feet first.  ( connection blocks in each foot.  ) I have re-wired a few of these so let me know if you get stuck.  Cleen any contacts for the batterys.