Unresponsibe Tri-bot

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Unresponsibe Tri-bot

The tri-bot I received doesn't activate or say or do anything!  I've tried 2 new sets of batteries and nothing!  Anyone have any ideas on how to get the robot to wake up?

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Sounds like its DOA. I would

Sounds like its DOA. I would have santa exchange it for you.

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Pacojts, Have you read my

Pacojts, Have you read my article on the Tri-bot? If not here it is : http://www.robocommunity.com/article/16489/WowWee-Roborover-Review/?high...

You have to make sure that the batteries in the Rover is installed correctly and well seated. Please read the article and make sure everything is in place and all shipping materials are removed including that very light rubber band around his head. Once doing this lets us now if it is still a no go this the power and post some photos and videos of the battery compartment and turning the black switch to the on position for further help..


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Um, Jax? You just posted a

Um, Jax? You just posted a link to Roborover not Tribot...

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