Possible voice recognition software for RS Media

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Possible voice recognition software for RS Media

This software seems almost perfect for voice recognition, I have used it in another robot and its easy to use. In the custom mode you merely direct the file you want to play after typing in the voice command, best of all its free


Try it out! Getting this into RS Media however is going to be another task

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Hi Crmfghtr,
Tazti seems to be available for Windows only. Its free to download and use but not open source. So I dont think there would be anyway way to port/convert it to linux for use on RSMedia :-(

Another program I have heard of is 'pocketsphinx'. Its linux based, free and I think RSMedia will have enough CPU power to run it. See http://linux.softpedia.com/get/Multimedia/Audio/PocketSphinx-39382.shtml. I think it can run on ubuntu or other linux distrobutions, so it could be tested on the PC first.

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Your right, its Windows based only, how disappointing. I will take a look at pocketsphinx! As always, thanks for the tip oh RS Media Master

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crmfghtr - were you the person who built a full scale talking Robbie The Robot using tazti (I saw the video on YouTube)?

I took a look at RS Media, and it looks fascinating. While tazti is Windows only, there might be a few workarounds to make it work with RS Media, but they won't be easy.

One option would be to see if WowWee might provide technical specs for their remote controller. If you could get the IR frequency and a mapping of the commands, you could either (1) build your own windows compatible remote to work with RS Media or (2) buy a programmable windows compatible remote and program it to interact with RS Media. Once you have this, you would just need to set up tazti Custom Speech Commands to call a program that triggers the appropriate remote command (via the IR remote of course) and voila.

Another option would be this. If (and this is a big if) the embedded Linux OS on the RS Media has a webserver and Wi-Fi capability, then you could communicate to it via tazti over you LAN. Set up tazti Custom Speech Commands to hit urls on the RS Media webserver over your Wi-Fi network. Upload scripts to RS Media webserver that when triggered run the RS Macros and actions you have stored on the 'bot. You're done - you say the command, tazti hears it, sends it over wi-fi to the bot's webserver, it processes the script and Robo Sapien talks/walks/takes video etc.

It would be interesting in general if WowWee could include networking capability in general with the 'bot - it would allow anything that communicates over Wi-Fi to control the bot. Lot's of neat possibilities.

On a somewhat related note, a new version of tazti will be released soon which will include enhanced Custom Speech Command capability and new api functionality that will make it easier to do things like interact with RS Media (but unfortunately it still won't be available for Linux).

Thanks for thinking about tazti Speech Recognition when you're thinking about cool projects!

-team tazti

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I saw that the tazti Speech Recognition Software now has a speech API built into it. To make it easier to mashup with robots/AI. I mashed tazti up with some websites. It is for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 http://www.tazti.com

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The whole idea for speech recognition I think is better off staying self-contained within the robot, and not driven by an external computer. This is so that it can do things on the fly without computer assistance. It'd be more autonomous. There are Windows emulators for linux (like WINE) but I'm not sure if they'd take more power than the RSM has.

I have looked into sphynx and it would require Python which is all doable. I just haven't had time to really look into it yet.

On the WiFi end, I got a USB WiFi adapter (which I haven't tried yet with the RSM) but it would need drivers written for it. Not only that, Helibot revealed to me in email that the tech data sheet for the CPU and computer hardware in the RSM says the USB port is a *device* and not a host, so the adapter might not work. It probably might require additional hardware hacks.

So WiFi would not work there or at least not very easily.

I'm wondering if it would work via Serial Port hack though?? If anyone is trying or has tried WiFi on RSM please do share your experiences!