Cinemin resolution?

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Cinemin resolution?

I'm just curious.. I have a Zoombox projector by Hasbro that has a resolution of 557 x 234 creating a 60 inch diagonal image at a distance of 8 feet. Sounds quite similar to that of the Cinemin Pico except that the resolution of the Pico is 420 x 280.

I know that the image on the Zoombox leaves a little to be desired - kind of a moire pattern over the entire image - even with the slightly more dense resolution. 

Has anyone seen with the Pico is capable of? I wouldn't mind having one (be great for an R2 projector project I've always wanted to do), but I can't see spending $350 (or even $300 with the RC discount) if the image quality isn't any better than what I already have...


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I think the res on just about any pico projector currently available leaves something to be desired. They're just convenient, portable solutions for displaying media, not a serious solution for a home theater.

Peter Redmer
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I agree with Grandlarseny in that it certainly is not a solution for a fixed-spot home theater solution, although it could be used as such if you wanted to. It's really intended to be as good as a portable can possibly be, and I think it accomplishes that admirably.

I got a very brief chance to play with one and I really liked it; I was impressed with the picture quality. It's not as bright as a conventional projector, but that is to be expected in something as small as it is (and battery powered.) I didn't have any other pico's to compare it to, so I'm not sure how it stacks up against others.

I didn't notice any moire patterns over the screen or unusual visual artifacts. Since the perception of picture quality can be subjective, I would wait until it's released (approx. September) and try to get a chance to check it out in person. There's no real way for one to judge the picture quality without seeing it in person, unfortunately.

Also, don't forget the nifty iPhone/iPod connectivity. That's a big selling point for me since I'm a Machead :)

One way or another, I really liked it and want one badly :)

Peter Redmer
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Oh, and here are the image specs from, the res is 480 X 320.


* Projection technology: DLP by Texas Instruments
* Resolution: 480 x 320 (HVGA)
* Focus: Manual
* Light source: LED
* Brightness: 8 ANSI lumens
* Contrast ratio: 1000:1
* Viewable range: 2.6m | 8.5Â’
* Diagonal image size: 15cm ~ 1.5m | 6” ~ 60”
* Aspect ratio: 3:2
* Power consumption: ~ 3 watts
* Lamp life: > 20,000 hours
* Fan: Nope (itÂ’s super quiet)