Rovioian Beta1 with Src and Many Interesting Functions!

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Rovioian Beta1 with Src and Many Interesting Functions!


I'm very happy to share my Rovio control GUI with you!


  My program aims at providing something interesting. If you want something practical,Roviocommander and RovioRemote are just wonderful. So, please forgive me for the poor user interface.

  My program provide functions as follows:

1.Basic fuctions as changing speed, manual control, go home, save path,etc.

2.5 different motion detection algorithm, motion alarm, motion record.

3. Image recognition control, use apple, banana or paper wheel to control rovio(camspace required)

4. Find and extinguish fire automatically(A electric fan or micro fire extinguisher requried,see

5. Camera assisted navigation(See

To use the program and achieve above functions , you need:

 Visual Studio C# 2008



Some programming skills


1.Open Rovioian  .sln file, then replace all with your own rovio IP address, or change rovio's IP address to (Sorry for my laziness),Copy  RR_COM_API.dll from important files folder to System32 folder, then run regsvr32 RR_COM_API.dll, then add it to the project to debug it.

2. Open your web browser, connect to rovio, right click the video frame, click property, copy " 192.168.X.X/getXX.cgiXXX", open my program, click file/open/open MJPEG webcam ,paste, click OK, then you can receive continuous video from rovio.

3.Run CAN.robo with roborealm, then click Camera NAV in my program for Camera assisted navigation , use fire.robo in the same way. Load rovioian.camspace in Camspace7, then select my program, place the focus onto the static control in the right to make it working!(You can try by pressing the arrow key to see whether you can control rovio or not).

4.You may need appropriate codec to record motion video.




Peter Redmer
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This is awesome - thanks for sharing Colt45!! Has anyone tried this yet?