Cinemin Swivel

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Cinemin Swivel

The website is now available for the swivel.
Along with pics, vids and all the info you need.

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one of the videos explains how the projector technology works. Quite amazing.

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Wowwee is gonna have a problem selling these at the price iv heard

A portable DVD player is way cheaper!

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Hm, the link no longer works- I got a page titled "Foolish humans!" with
"Does Not Compute" and the following message:
Sorry, but I could not process that page.
A message has been sent to the puny humans who control me..
They will deal with this bugbot.
Please visit our Homepage to find what you were looking for.

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Going to the WowWee site and drilling down into the Cinemin links...

Looks like the name changed slightly from the opening link in this thread.

I ran across a scenario where this little gadget would have been of use. I'm acting as a councilor for Space Exploration merit badge, and have been presenting various movies, pictures, and application dialogs from a laptop. I have been bringing a large LCD screen to the meetings. Even though it's a relatively large screen, it's still pretty small for a dozen or more scouts to crowd around.

The Cinemin projector would be just the thing to pull out of a pocket and project a wall sized view of a rocket launch, remote robot control dialog, or other such media.