Rovio rotate set number of degrees problem

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Rovio rotate set number of degrees problem
Upon clicking a 45,90,135, or 180 rotate navigation control which is to rotate Rovio a set number of degrees relative to its current position, my Rovio will perform the set degree rotation correctly but then it engages its rear wheel and turns in circles forever.

I've tried resetting all settings and updating firmware but the problem remains.

This problem did not exist when I first got my Rovio, the rotate 45,90,135,180 navigation controls operated correctly but at some point the function stopped working without Rovio running in circles after the rotation is completed.

Any suggestions or idea?

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What firmware version are you using?

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Nocturnal said: What firmware version are you using?

The problem occurs with all firmware versions.

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I started getting the exact same problem. Did you ever find a solution?

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No, I never found the problem, it still exists.  I just stopped using the angle navigation controls.  Please let me know if you ever do find out what the cause is.

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See thread titled

New issue Rovio spins eternally

I think they're on to something.

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Yes, see this thread. I also think this thread is in the right direction.

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Finally I had some time. with the left rotation sensor defective, forward motion was not straight. Similarly with backwards. This will be the same if the right sensor is defective.
What I did, is swapped the left wheel rotation sensor with the rear wheel one.
Rovio can go straight forward and backward. The problem is hardly noticable on left and right turns. Of course the angular motion ( requiring signals from the three wheels) still does not work.
All together, with the right basic tools and caution a 20 mn job well worth the effort. Good luck if someone tries this temporary fix.

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Just thought I would revive this thread. I contacted Wowwee support and told them about the problem I have with the encoder. They told me I could send it in for a replacement. After thinking about it for a while, I decided to keep it. It's not worth the hassle of sending it in and paying customs at the Canadian border. So, I plan to keep it, and hope to find the encoders I need to replace the original ones with. I sure wish we could have access to replacement parts like encoders and motors. BTW, I noticed my motors are having more and more trouble spinning. They seem to be loosing their torque, which causes the battery to burn down if I move a lot. Anyone know where we can get replacement parts for the Rovio?

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I have developed the same probleem. A continued circling problem after a (blue-dot) turn. It will complete the assigned turn but then rotates in a circle with a diameter of about a meter for two and a half revolutions. It does this for any blue-dot spin, either direction or degree of rotation.
Got a Fix?

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I have had two Rovios that have the same sensor/spin issue..The first one was returned to the place of purchase for an exchange.

Support claims that the "engineers" are working on a fix with parts that will be sent to the consumer to replace (good luck with that one). I was instructed to wait and NOT send mine in for warentee service.

Apparently, from other posts on the board, the sensors are junk and WILL fail in a matter of time. I've used my second Rovio for about ten hours total and the sensor went bad. It's a hardware issues....

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I had the same problem.

I had the same problem, but in my case it was the front left wheel that would not stop rotating.

Rovio support sent me three replacement encoder boards (LED-Sensor setup) which I received Monday of this week.

It only took me about a half hour to follow the easy to understand directions. No soldering required, just a philips screwdriver. The encoder boards plug onto the main control unit board. Getting the original encoder boards unplugged was the hardest part of the process for me.

My Rovio now functions as it should in the preset turns and goes straight and can follow paths as it did before the encoder board malfunctioned.

I would suggest all with this problem to submit a request to Rovio.

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I have had the exact same issue and it all started right after I updated my Rovio to the latest firmware update that wowwee provided.I opened a ticket years ago and got no where.I searched the web and found tons of other customers having the same issue getting the same run around from wowwee technical support... right up to the day they stopped supporting it. How convenient. It would be nice if somebody had an original copy of the code it shipped with to try back reving the firmware.That would work unless the new firmware overwrote a section of code that it wasn't supposed to and hence caused the issue.