ROVIO PROBLEMS.Please list all your problems.

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Je viens d'acheter ROVIO, une bonne acquisition, je ne parle pas anglais, sauf pour les instructions techniques, je traduis les post avec "google". Robotcommunity est le seul site valable au monde. J'ai eu du mal à connecter rovio au début car je protège l'accès routeur par adresse MAC et rovio distribue 2 adresses MAC que j'ai validé dans la liste de protection. Depuis je me connecte sans problème avec IE8,IE9, FF. PDA, Smartphone, et EEEPAD (Android 3). Je découvre dans ce forum beaucoup de fonctionalités pour rovio et je vous en remercie. J'ai 66 ans et je réalise mes passions de jeunesse.
Merci à tous.

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Bon travail sur la recherche de votre MAC était de bloc par votre routeur. Aussi merci pour le partage de votre histoire comme il peut y avoir d'autres qui s'exécutent dans cette question aussi. Amusez-vous!

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Hi, everyone. Recentlty experienced problem, having no sound comming from Rovio, I can hear Rovio's micro well, but sound from PC micro been not delivered. All other stuff OK.
Please help!!!! Tryed different PC and clients, all no use!

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This topic I like very much, and the introduction of more?

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Same thing happened to me. I can't reboot or restore. I have called so may times and nothing.

jeminiseven said: I got Rovio, it worked for one week, then his power light stayed orange and he became non-responsive. I've contacted Wowwee via phone and emails, but they don't return my calls. Right now, I have a $250 statue! It does nothing and they have the worst technical support department because they don't have one for rovio. I uninstalled rovio software and tried to re-install it after trying the 'reset' function. Nothing is working! My computer doesn't even see rovio when I plug him into the computer via usb. That shows that his software or his hardware is corrupt. When I log on to his address, it responds that it is no longer responding. I have been contacted by several other customers whom have experienced the same thing, we are all looking for a way to rectify this. So far, I have found a better robot called 'Spykee' made by Erector. The camera is better, the response time is better, and the Erector customer service and technical support is better because they actually have technical support. Does anyone know how to fix Rovio?

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Hi Guys, I know Rovio has issues, bought one anyway on ebay. the one hurdle I am having is when I set up and ad hoc connection, all the verbiage on the interface screen is in Chinese. How can I get it back to English?