Saw Tri-Bot at Radio Shack in US!

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Saw Tri-Bot at Radio Shack in US!

I just happened to wonder into my nieghborhood Radio Shack (near San Francisco) and was shocked to see three tri-bots on one of the shelves - surprising considering not even the wowwee store has this guy yet.    I'm going to assume Radio Shack must have a first release  deal with wowwee like they did with the Flytech - or maybe they just got it first.  Oddly I couldn't find it anywhere on the RS website.   

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Have you seen the thread "tribot in australia"? There doesn't seem to be a pattern. Anyway click this link...

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Yeah I saw that thread. But sometimes in the states wowweemake deals with some of the retailers to exclusively carry the thing a month or two before anybody else does. Most recently US Target stores had bladstar exclusively for 2 months before everybody else. But yeah I don't know about Tri-Bot...I just haven't seen it anywhere else including WowWee store other than radio shack - maybe that will change in the coming weeks. Radio Shack also have Tri-Bot & Rex minis on sale.

At any rate I definitely thing Tri-Bot looks cool. Having just seen pictures on the internet prior I wasn't sure if I'd like him but he was definitely very appealing in person - especially with those interesting "gorilla" hands LOL. As soon as I get some extra cash, I'll get one...

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They do something similar here occasionally.

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they also have the minis

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KMart had both the full-size and mini TriBot the other day. They also had the Femisapien mini, and the Alive lion cub.

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I just bought my son a Tri-bot today at Radio Shack for $69. So much cheaper than I thought I would pay. Can't wait until xmas to see the excitement!