Femisapien or Femsapien?

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Peter Redmer
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Femisapien or Femsapien?

I've noticed that a lot of folks have been searching for "Femsapien" rather than "Femisapien."  Does anyone know if this has been circling around as the proper name for Femisapien?  Maybe just a typo?

Really, I'm guessing that everyone is thinking of the "Fembot" from Austin Powers when they type it in :)


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Its an easy mistake to make. I just googled it, and all the top ranking hits relate back to the video Michelle C posted of Davin and Femisapien on CNN.


the url for the video clip contains the misspelling.

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Don't ya'll know it is Femisapien?!

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Don't YOU know that you're dragging up threads that haven't seen the light of day in many months?

Poor form, that.

Welcome to the community. We appreciate the enthusiasm of new members. Just try not to push every active thread off the recent topics page by touching every thread you happen to find in the archives.