VIDEO: She walks like a...lady?

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VIDEO: She walks like a...lady?

 Most of the YouTube comments would be censored on this site

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video description called it "world's first female robot", but I'm pretty sure that claim would not stand up to any kind of scrutiny

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This is the Femisapien from wowwee which will be at CES 2008.  I am impressed with its walking ability! 

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No, it isn't Femisapien. See here.

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Yup..that's not a wowwee product. That's FT.
I kinda saw it on the discovery channel..heehee

It was developed by japanese I guess..

but come to think of it..I wish the Femisapien would actually move like that.
cuz in the FS's kinda not that smooth

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I like the fact that she actually bends her knees and picks her feet up off the ground.  It is a nice departure from the old school teetering from side to side and shuffling about.   Though she does wobble when she stops, which means her overall balance may not be quiet perfected just yet.  Interesting video though!