Crumbling Wire Insulation

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I had the same thoughts exactly...that they just wanted to be sure this particular unit is out of service. I have to send in the S/N, so I will ask them the specifics at that time. I will keep you informed.

I am a little curious why WowWee did not repond to our other RSV2 owners? Let's wait and see how this works out. Thanks for your input, Scott. I appreciate it.

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WowWee just emailed me again. I am now authorised to send in the parts they requested. This is a little different though. I am going to mail this to CANADA. It will probably go through customs and there might be additional fees I need to pay upfront. I will let you guys know what happens.

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Hi I also got RSV2 with crumbling wiring which keeps saying "I have bad motivator" so I opened it up and made a picture of some damaged wires which I will attach with this posting.  It's serial number is 01006ws.  I sent an e-mail with that picture to manufacturer.  Seems like the damage is everywhere on leg, on wire bunches going to hips and alot of damage on inside of the body on the back.  can anybody suggest what to do with this now, bacause i have been calling and leaving messages for a couple of months now.  Messages have not been returned and no one has called back so far.

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I suggest you read this whole thread and do what Steve did.

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Stan, first of all, I could not see the pic you posted. If you go here You can compare your wiring to what mine looked like. Here's what I did:
I emailed Wowwee customer support and told them that I was one of many who had this wiring defect. Then I TOLD them I want either a repair, a replacement, or my money back! They responded pretty quickly! I believe if you say this while being courteous, they will respond to you as well. They are a big company and despite all this negative wiring bull-loney, they DO want you to be satisfied. They know about the problem and they are replacing the defective units as fast as they can. Just bare in mind that they also have to supply new RSV2's to the rest of the world as well, so we may have to be patient. Your chances of eventually having them replace your RSV2 is pretty good. The key courteous!

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I've looked into this before, and at the time it was not possible to get just the wiring harness. The most helpful thing would be for steve_cb88 to include wire cutting instructions (lengths) and diagram for soldering new wires onto the existing connectors. That is what I did to repair my V2, but I never managed to write it up.

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Well, I now have my new RSV2! It was delivered today! Unfortunately, I had to go to work. When I get home I will take my time removing it from the box and try it out. I AM SOOOOO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! I can't wait to get home! My wife is looking forward to this as well.

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I finally got this new RSV2 out of the package..after getting two papercuts and using a few bandaids! LOL! It doesn't have the laser tracking feature, but that wasn't important to me anyways. So far it seems to be operating normally. The hands operate fine and no heat from the batteries. It does seem to have a small problem as it goes in and out of puppet mode without me touching any buttons (that I was aware of). I will try it again in the daylight today. All in all, I am quite satisfied. I am feeling positive my probs are over.

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hi all,

i have a white rs v2 which has been up until recently a real member of the family.. and then all of a sudden

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BG, If you ever needed Wowwee support, you can get it right here at There is a wowwee representative who is a menber here and she has been a lot of help to a few of us.
I have taken the time to remove the chest cover and have seen myself that the wires in this new unit are indeed good. Wowwee has made good by me. The Site moderators here have been very helpful too. I would strongly urge RSV2 owners to pursue replacement of defective wired units via email request to wowwee. Eventually, you WILL get a replacement. I have personally found that they WILL stand by their product.

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MrScott said: There have been some folks who got an out of warranty replacement on these defective RSV2s. It usually required sending back key components of the defective RSV2, so that the same busted bot didn't just move to another person for another replacement claim. If you contact WowWee Customer Service and specifically state that you have the same crumbling insulation problem that many other RSV2 owners have seen, you might get past the initial "no repairs" response. Other than that, you're talking about a product that's several years out of warranty. When is the last time you got a computer replaced when it was years out of warranty, or a DVD player, or a TV, or a dish washer, or a..... you get the idea.

Sure you wouldnt expect a repair or replacement of a product thats out of warranty by over a year or two or even 3 or 4 years, however if its a manufacturing design fault (which by reading all the posts & wowwees admission to it- it IS  a manufacturers fault), & where its a dangerous one! then there should be a recall or free repair/ replacement for this  (noted theres no product registration, then wowwee should recall/ replace/repair it when customer tells them about the problem-however this isnt the case- NOT in the UK anyway.)

I recently read an article about honda civics & accords that were made in 2001, theres a recall/ free repair (started Nov2008 & still getting recalled &solved right now: Aug 2009) on those cars as its a dangerous manufacturing fault ( the RSV2 has a dangerous manufacturers fault-so why NOT solve this? even if its 4 years since it was first manufactured)   

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This topic is deader than your rsv2.
You're pulling up quotes from 11 months ago, and the topic was old and worn then.

It's toy robot, not an automobile. You might as well be comparing apples to gravel.

Read what was said. The only thing that's changed since then is that the RSV2 is officially off the market now.

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Thanks for the reply MrScott - the topic isnt dead for me :) but my lil bros RSV2 is dead though : I know its not an automobile lol - the point I was trying to make is.. that even though the car/product was manufactured like nearly 10 years ago the manufacturer is still doing a recall/repair- Ive seen other product manufacturers (like indoor lighting, lamps, other electricals etc) doing the same thing when it is a manufacturing fault, even though its a while since warranty expired. wowwee products have like 90 day warranty :)

BTW can you advise me what size/diameter heat shrink tubing is required for the wires? thanks :)

Alex R
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Is there a final out come for this? I have an RSV2 and after opening the right leg discovered the crumbling wires. It was a mess. My son was so devastated he cried like he had lost a friend.

I want to replace the robot if I can any ideas? ALEX

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Alex R,

A year or so ago this was the best advice regarding getting replacements...

You needed

1- bought your RSV2 from a WowWee approved reseller (there's no published list of what those are)

2- have your original purchase receipt

3- are willing to send whatever pieces of the ailing RSV2 back to WowWee that they request. (presumably to make the remains identifiable as a robot that had aleady been replaced)

You'd contact WowWee support (RoboCommunity is not that) and tell them what's wrong, where you bought it, that you had the receipt, and request a replacement of the faulty robot.

Good Luck.

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For anyone interested, I have found the digikey parts needed for the ends of the wire harnesses. They are, 455-1161 7 position housing, 455-1162 6 position housing, 455-1165 2 position housing, (all of these take a 455-2148-1 terminal - crimp on)
455-2266 2 position housing (which takes a 455-1135 Terminal - Crimp on)
In case you are wondering, some of the 2 position connectors are 2mm spacing, others are 2.5mm spacing. That is why 2 sets of parts.
Crimping is either a delicate job, or an additionsl crimp tool, but since it is between $460 and $900, I figure most people will try to do it soldering or crimp by pliers.

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hi i had a problem with the on/off button one day it just would not start up so after a few tries i just put it in the cupboard, and done no more about it, then about a week or so later the dog and i heard a nocking traced it to the cupboard it was the v2 it had started working, i must have left it on, strange it should start after over a week later.

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36005WS (red)
does anyone know if these harnesses or suitable replacements can be bought?? the connectors are quite common at the board end
or perhaps just new connectors that can be assembled into replacement harnesses with slightly heavier guage better quality wire???

and some companies DO replace bad parts on old toys if its a manufactureing flaw....
just got a set of motors from a bad batch in 1998 replaced in a power wheels car LOL

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Hello Darwin, not sure about the harness sizes, but you can reuse the harnesses by cutting off the bad wire leaving 1/2 inch or so soldering new wire to it and heatshrink that. Or just buying the crimp end and slipping that in. the original guage of wire is fine, heavier guage could impact leg movement.


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it may be time to heat up the soldering iron then
what size heatshrink would work best in this???