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French personality


I'm from Belgium and i'm looking for a french personality for my robosapien rs media? Thanks for you help.


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I do not know of one but keep an eye on the forum below for any updates.


Michelle C
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Hi Vador!

You can create your own personality with French clips, for instance from a movie you like -- half the fun is getting to create your personalized robot! We encourage this type of robot experimentation.

(Si t'as besoin de l'aide pour créer ta personnalité, n'hésite pas à menvoyer un message!!)

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hello friens of america, i am new to the site(robotcommunity) and new amateur de robot, i was advised by a member of robotcommunity to learn more of rs média brande wow wee.learn more english^^ excuse me of my way to speack english... thanck you google traduction^.i just bought near rs média new, i would save him a personnality with a voice available french.i intend soon in the coming day to buy the missing adapter CA/CC not have battery problems during handling. thank you to help me^^merci les amis

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bonjhour michelle, moi j'ai besoin d'aide s'il te plait :)