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New robosapien v2

I just bought a v2 online

could anyone tell me what must come with it?
just a controller and a robot right?
Nothing else?

Also, i heard that v2 isnt programmable compared to rs media.
So can i just leave it on and like make it guard the house
or something?

 Also, how do i make it communicate with the RS media?

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The pacakge for RSV2 comes with 1 robot, a controller, bowling pins, a ball, and a manual.

You're right about the V2 being not very programmable. It just can do controller comands in a sequence.

You cannot make V2 interact with  the RS Media through the V2 or the controller. However, you can make the RS Media interact with the V2 through an onboard program on the RS Media that can be initaited through the controller.

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ahh alright
im actually very new in this

 Im looking at the controller now
and i dont even know how to program it :(

 but the weird thing is that
i thought that the v2 is able to communicate with
robodog and the robosapien?

Khalid J Hosein
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Take a look in the manual - it tells you how to get the V2 to interact with the Robopet and Robosapien.

RS V2 resources (including manual). 

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thanks mate ^_^

Actually now im kinda lost on how to program my rs media -_-
speaking of which

 Can you actually 'talk' to the rv2 or the rs media?
Like perhaps make it do stuff when you talk to him?

Rio Uchiha
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