Video of Mark Tilden demonstrating Roboquad

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Video of Mark Tilden demonstrating Roboquad

Great video shows black roboquad for first time plus new info including USB port on back  He mentions an August release date but I think that's maybe for UK?

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Not to mention you can hear the whistling / beeping noises he makes.

 I believe tilden said "yes the head is large enough to be able take even a micro camera, and a wireless little usb thing on the back there", I'm not entirely sure what a wireless little usb thing is, but I don't think the roboquad comes with one, and I don't think it has a usb port.

Khalid J Hosein
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Well why don't we embed that video in here for quick access...

Michelle C
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Hey everyone -- just wanted to clarify that Roboquad does *not* have a USB port on his back or neck or anywhere else for that matter... Mr. Tilden was just referencing the hackability nature of Roboquad and only suggests that you can put a USB port on him, if you are so inclined!!

I think the poor sound quality of the video kind of garbled what he was trying to say...