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rovio software Rovio

whoa---- the forum removed my paragraph formatting and won't let me edit.  sorry about that giant mess... I typed it much more readably than that!

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rovio software Rovio

Great to read, Terry!  Well I bought the roviochat app for my kids' ipod touch and it works perfectly, 2 way sound and video and nice control system.  So that's cool - makes the device immediately...

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Make a charging cradle Rovio

I was waiting for a reply before I did anything. Is there a way to get email notified when someone replies?  

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Make a charging cradle Rovio

Thank you so much, Terry!

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rovio software Rovio

Hi Don,I just got mine out of storage and was searching to see what I might be able to do with it. I see you might know a few things about it. Just wanted to touch base. Terry 

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Make a charging cradle Rovio

Hi NickE,I just this week got mine out of my parent's basement.  Where it has been for about 5 years.   It still works, after I got an old laptop with xp to configure it.Anyway - I do have a dock...

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rovio software Rovio

Hi there.... joining in here... I know it's summer 2017 but I JUST got a rovio that, shockingly enough, works perfectly.  I'm a software engineer and roboticist, but am also hoping to find any...

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. RS Media

Can anyone help me with my trouble (please)?
I think, it' s a media or motor PCB issue.

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Squawkers McCaw Parrot General WowWee Discussion

I was given a Squawkers McCaw 3rdhand which is missing both the remote and the battery pack. Can anyone give me pointers on how to wire a random off-the-shelf 4AA battery pack to the three metal...

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RS Media easy to repair by user RS Media

Has nobody an answer?

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