Found a Wowwee Roboboa Prototype of 2006

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Found a Wowwee Roboboa Prototype of 2006

I recently bought a Wowwee Roboboa in a Salvation Army. I had no idea what I was buying. Just found it look cool. And also saw the hand writtings " prototype no.6" (white light). Dated 12/06 with Mark Tilden initials. No remote, missing the batt cover. But this model has a headphone jack. I sent an email to wowwee and the employee told me she would make an investigation. It works but without a remote I cannot test it further. Does anyone have an idea of the value it may have? Im not a robot person so I will surely sell it. Thanks

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Hello Razz, Can I ask you how much is your expectation? I'm not also robot person but I like it.Thanks.