Nano Robotics Break Through

The world is getting smaller… and so is the world of robotics.  According to a recent article by Steven Chen on, scientist have begun to breach the long held threshold of nano robotics by introducing a “nano-manipulation system”. The historical issue with nano robotics was the complication of tiny motors.  How can a device so small be able to have motors that will work accordingly inside of it?  Well according to Steven Chen’s article, Professor Yu Sun and his team at the University of Toronto in Canada have a system that would be able to “manipulate” the motors of nano robots by using very small piezo motors. If you are not versed with piezo motors, please allow me to shed some light on the subject.  Pizeo motors (piezoelectric motors) are electric motors that are able to operate through a slight change in shape of the piezoelectric material when an electric field is applied.  The affect on the material when an electric filed is passed is that it vibrates at an ultrasonic level allowing for linear or rotary motion. Professor Yu Sun’s device will sever as the conductor of each nano robot and has opened the world to a new level of robotics.  Interesting stuff and if you would like to read more please the article here: