WowWee Officially Launches Lightstar and Hoverpod, Conquer Land & Air

HONG KONG – September 2, 2009 – This fall, the hottest new remote-controlled toys can be spotted gliding through the air – or across the floor.  WowWee, an Optimal Group company (NASDAQ:OPMRD), has announced the retail launch of its newest FlyTech™ innovations, the FlyTech Lightstar™ flyer and FlyTech Hoverpod™ racer.  Innovative design and affordable prices allow users to take to the skies with friends or race one another on the ground without breaking the bank. The FlyTech Lightstar indoor flyer features a propulsion-based design and built-in LED lights that create mesmerizing light patterns when soaring through the air.  The FlyTech Hoverpod indoor racer is a mini-hovercraft that can jet across most smooth surfaces and is the first to conquer low-pile carpet.

The FlyTech Lightstar flyer turns any living room into a dazzling light show, casting a cool glow and halo-effect over objects in its path.  Made from flexible, lightweight materials, the crash resistant flyer is easy-to-use and requires little time to master its controls.  The FlyTech Lightstar flyer propels itself through the air using two wings that spin with helicopter-like movement and requires only a quick 10-minute charge from a cable on the remote controller, which directs the flyer’s altitude via a scroll-wheel throttle.  The flyer is available in three infrared (IR) bands, enabling you to fly up to three FlyTech Lightstar flyers simultaneously in the same room, each with independent control.   Green, orange, and blue LED colors indicate the various IR bands, allowing users to tell each others’ flyer apart while creating unique color patterns in the air.  The flyer and remote controller also are both equipped with a “Sleep Mode” to help save battery power, which initiate after two and five minutes respectively.

With the FlyTech Hoverpod racer, a hallway becomes a racetrack and a playroom becomes an obstacle course -- even if there’s carpeting.  The racer is made from durable, lightweight materials designed to be crash resistant and features a tail rudder for directional movement, allowing it to be maneuvered around objects for fun and wild races and spin-outs.  The racer also features a dual-band infrared remote controller that allows for two FlyTech Hoverpod racers to compete at once, each with independent control.  Powered by a built-in propeller, the mini-hovercraft glides across most smooth surfaces and low-pile carpet, and the user can adjust the trim by moving the trim fin located on the underside of each FlyTech Hoverpod racer.  A simple ten-minute charge will last for up to five minutes of playtime, and both the remote controller and racer will enter into a battery-saving “Sleep Mode” after five and two minutes respectively.
The award-winning WowWee FlyTech line of aeronautical products launched in 2007 with the FlyTech Dragonfly™, the world’s first remote-controlled flyer to use flapping wings, followed by FlyTech Bladestar™, the first flying toy with sensor-based navigation, in 2008.  FlyTech Bladestar was selected by Creative Child Magazine as a winner of the 2008 Preferred Choice Award in the R/C Indoor Flying category, was named one of Dr. Toy's Best Products Picks for 2008, and was picked as a Parents’ Choice Approved toy by the Parents’ Choice Foundation.
Both the FlyTech Lightstar flyer and FlyTech Hoverpod racer are ideal stocking-stuffers and gifts for the budget-conscious.  The FlyTech Lightstar flyer is available at major retailers including,, Sears, K-Mart, Radio Shack and for an approximate retail price of $19.99.  The flyer requires two “AA” batteries (not included), and comes with two spare wings, two spare propellers, and a protective carrying case for easy storage.  The FlyTech Hoverpod racer is available in blue and orange colors at major retailers including, Radio Shack and for an approximate retail price of $19.99.  The racer requires four “AA” batteries (not included) and comes with one spare propeller.
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