Tri-bot, RS Media, and WowWee Go On The Road With "Dot Robot" Author Jason Bradbury

Who better to travel with a gadget geek and author of a new robotics-oriented techno thriller than our favorite WowWee bots?

Your beloved mechanical pals have befriended none other than Jason Bradbury, a gadget and technology expert.  "Dot Robot," the first in a trilogy of techno-thrillers, will be launched at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London, England this month.

There's also some "Robot Roadshows" planned, where Bradbury will read from his books while attendees and kids can play with on-hand WowWee robots.

For more information about the book, head over to

[Via ToyNewsOnline]

[Jason Bradbury's Official Site]


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You know I bought this Wow Wee Tri-bot for around $70 dollars,and it seemed like a very interest item to invest for family.So it worked like new for a month and then it started to act funny in movements of head with eyebrows moving non-stop.I thought it was just the batteries and charged up the batteries again and it still kept acting up.Now I'm convinced the designers were just out to make a fast buck and screwed everyone with selling these fucked up toys to the public,while knowing this could of become a problem.They conpany made these to cover the cost to build them and some pocket cash,but left us the consumers screwed with a irrating