Rovio Driver App Now Available for iPhone

Ever experienced a time when you could actually have your cake and eat it too?  When you could get a chance to play with two of the awesomest gadgets ever at the same time, without having to put down either one?

WowWee did a great favor to iPhone users with their built-in iPhone control application - and feeling inspired, one Rovio fanatic decided to create one of his own!

Enter "Rovio Driver," the new application available from Bertrand Leroy on the iPhone App Store. With a quick download and a few settings, you'll be up and running in no time. 

With Rovio Driver, you can control your Rovio using the iPhone's built in accelerometer and watch its camera using a much larger view than the standard app.  In addition, there are also controls for the head position and rotation.

We're hoping that Bertrand continues to update, improve, and polish this awesome new app for Rovio - stay tuned to RoboCommunity for the newest discussion!

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JuanKerr's picture

Rifreakindiculously awesome

thefishknot3's picture

you think you can develope this app for the Ipod touch!!!

Bibert's picture

it does work on the iPod Touch

thefishknot3's picture

Yeah I finally got it to work on my ipod touch. It doesn't work well though. But thanks.

Hey you wouldn't know where you can find the extra beacons for the Rovio do you? No one knows where to find them.
Thanks again,


Harvesthunt's picture

Would love to see a similiar application to control Rovio with the Blackberry Storm!!!!!

bens's picture

any sugestion how to get it to work better on an ipod touch i cant get it to work out of our house

army of angels's picture

hahaha blackberry, lol

buy an iphone, joke

we have the best apps


army of angels's picture

buy an iphone, hope it never comes to other phones


greir77's picture

i love the app

joeymutz's picture

The APP is back!!!!!!!!!

Divo's picture

guys i have prob with this app always i got this Msg Credentials error

Bibert's picture

Divo said:

guys i have prob with this app always i got this Msg Credentials error

You must have set a login / password when you did the setup of your Rovio, and the app needs these credentials as well to connect.

trueplumbinator's picture

i hope the rovio is everything ive been hyped up to believe,i already bought the app from the app store,but i have to wait until the 26th to get my rovio because amazon doesnt do anything on the weekend.i did buy the expadited delivery for an extra 30bucks.well i cant wait and for everyone who has it already,youre luckkkkkkkkkkkyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

trueplumbinator's picture

i just downloaded the app from app store but i dont have rovio yet.i have to wait until the 26th to get it.i just orderd rovio today man im pretty excited,i have done alot of home work on rovio and read alot of reviews i hope its everything that i expect it to be.from what ive read it has advanced some since it first came out.and it blows the spykee robot out of the all you who have it already man youre luckkkkkyyyyyy!!! ill be apart of the rovio community in three days

Mchipguru's picture

Any applications for the Droid?

compuman's picture

Just downloaded the works flawlessly and is actually the best performing app yet in terms of the video!

Awesome job!!!

Ian's picture

They should make a driver app for iPad

Old_tex's picture

Rovio Driver works GREAT! I have all major software for Rovio on the computer and this App outshines then all. As far as I can tell, there are a few options lacking, but they are not show stoppers if you have a computer handy. There is no "Set Home" and no "Reboot" options. Also I haven't found out how to save a picture other than take a snapshot of the screen. Other than that, it is a quality piece of software and works without flaw. BTW, for those who don't know to take a snapshot of the screen, hold down the main button on the bottom of the IPhone (I don't know what it is called), but hold it down and then tap the "On/Off" button on the top right edge of the Iphone. The camera sound will be heard and the photo will be stored in the camera roll. Also, I purchased my Rovio from a person on Craig's List. He said that the battery was no good. I conditioned the battery by charging it at 500ma overnight using a power supply. Then, I ran Rovio for a while and discharged the battery a little. Then, I charged it again a three amps for one hour. I can now run Rovio until I get tired running it. I know that's off topic, so, getting back to Rovio Driver, It's a very good App. :>) Old_Tex

Scott Allerdice's picture

What about the robo itself iphone app, i m a biggest fan of robo form but i only use it as there is no hope for the app but need to suggest it.

lewis's picture

is ther a wow wee remote control for the rovio and if there is how can i get one ? + how to i use my laptop to control my rovio.