Three New Rovio Videos From WowWee - Get A Sneak Peek

For all of you who just can't wait to check out the revolutionary new Rovio, WowWee has released not one, not two, but THREE new videos on their YouTube channel.

These new videos highlight how to use Rovio and its impressive array of home monitoring and cubicle spying abilities.

Here's an introduction to the WowWee Rovio, called "Meet Rovio:"

In "Get to Know Rovio," you'll get the overview on its features.  You'll get a sneak peek at Rovio's slick web based control interface, omni-directional wheel base, and charging dock:

Part 3 - "Experience Rovio," details how to get Rovio up and running, and shows off some more of its advanced features, including using the camera to peer over small objects, and how to take photo surveillance.

Head on over to our Videos page to see more of WowWee's official videos and user-submitted videos from throughout the community.

Stay tuned for more information, as WowWee's Rovio is available for pre-order now at a suggested retail price of $299.95 USD.

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Rudolph's picture

Hahaha. The first three seconds of the third video have the image reversed; both Rovio's antenna and the dock's beacon are on the wrong side.

Unless that's the European model... :)

Later we're gonna get together on the internet and nitpick the scientific inaccuracies of Earth2.