Pets & Robots: WowWee Interviewed in Wall Street Journal

Have you ever seen your pet be a little spooked (or perhaps entertained) by one of your robotic pals?  Maybe you've tried it yourself, or you've seen someone else's hijinks (such as those that are featured in the Internet-famous "Puppy Vs. Roboquad" video.  If you haven't seen it, you should check it out!)

You may also have heard about the "Hawk Vs. Dragonfly" incident, where a hawk had thought that the WowWee Dragonfly was so real, it decided to make it its prey!

There's been many other instances of animals, either wild or domesticated, interacting with robots in different ways.  Some seem to be frightened of the robots and even tear them to pieces, and others seem to like to play with them and even spar a little bit.  The Wall Street Journal has rounded up many consumers and experts to talk about how animals interact with robots.

Both the WowWee Roboquad and the WowWee Dragonfly are mentioned in this interesting and informative piece, with comments by Amy Weltman, VP of marketing for WowWee.

[Via the Wall Street Journal]

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Grandlarseny37's picture

great article. my ferret attacks my pleo on a regular basis, but i think it has more to do with the smell of the rubber skin than anything else (ferrets have a dangerous and potentially fatal attraction to eating rubber - they cant digest it and it blocks their intestines). When i first got my roboquad, my ferret would run up to it and retreat but after a couple days became bored with it and ignored it completely.

rybuger1's picture

Great article, but to tell the truth, nothing too intresting has happened with my bots and dog, save this. ( The Robopet`s being controlled, though.)