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FlyTech Dragonfly Nominated "Best Invention of the Year" by Time Magazine

The FlyTech Dragonfly has been nominated as one of the “Best Inventions of the Year” by TIME Magazine, and the winner will be announced this week.

Dragonfly was nominated under the category “Aircraft,” and can currently be viewed on TIME’s website. It is the first of its kind - an toy ornithopter - which means that it flies under the power of it's own wings, not a propeller system.

Also appearing in the "robots" category are HortiBot and Domo. Hortibot, designed by Rasmus Jorgensen and a team of Danish scientists at Aarhus University's Institute of Agricultural Engineering, spares farmhands the most tedious chore: weeding. Domo, created by MIT's Aaron Edsinger and Jeff Weber, has the ability to recognize people, to sense and respond to its surroundings, and to grasp your hands or place a cup on a counter.

So, make sure you vote for the FlyTech Dragonfly as the Gadget of the Year!

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