Popular Science and FlyTech Dragonfly Sweep the Nation

The Popular Science "What's New National College Tour" kicked off on September 4th, to take the latest in dorm room fun and technology to 10 different schools across America. But this year, it's not just flat panel TV's, new game systems, or a better way to store your leftover pizza... One of the celebrities on tour with Popular Science is our very own FlyTech Dragonfly.

WowWee's Flytech DragonflyRoboCommunity talked with WowWee this week, and they said "The Dragonfly sure is creating a lot of buzz on college campuses this fall." Bad puns aside, this is true. The students are loving our little flying friend, especially since WowWee and Popular Science are teamed up to give Dragonflies away at each school they visit. All students have to do is to complete a simple survey for a great chance to win a Dragonfly.

What's New National College Tour Schedule

Stop School Date
1 Georgia Tech Sept 4-5
2 North Carolina State University Sept 10-11
3 Duke University Sept 13-14
4 George Washington University Sept 17-18
5 University of Massachusetts Sept 20-21
6 Purdue University Sept 25-26
7 Kansas State University Oct 4-5
--- Fall Break ---
8 San Diego State Oct 15-16
9 University of Utah Oct 22-23
10 University of New Mexico Oct 30-31

As winners are selected, we'll announce them here. So, stay tuned. And if you attend or are near one of these colleges, definitely check it out. WowWee wants to meet you, and you want a free dragonfly! (Right?)

And if any members of the community attend any of these days, make sure you publish pictures, videos, your personal journals, pizza place recommendations, or whatever else you can think of. We want to know.


Popular Science What's New National College Tour