A short and incomplete history of Robosapien V1 hacks and mods

Well where to begin? At the start seems like a logical place...


When V1 was released it was well recieved from people all across the world. It wasn't long before owners who belived V1 was lacking a certain "Je ne sais quoi" began adding all sorts of paraphernalia to the little critter.

I came allong fairly late in the V1 piece and remember the first mod stirring my interest in getting one of my own was the Flamethrower hack completed by Adam Plavinski.

V1 Flamethrower

This was done by running a tube down the centre of the left arm and poking out a piece of copper piping. Ignition was done manually but it was still hella cool.

After my interest was ignited (pun intended) I began looking at further mods that others had done and came across some of the Evosapien crew and Robosapien.tk.

Another mod that caught my gaze was the RF mod, which allows the V1 to be controlled over a much greater distance by transmitting the IR signal as RF and then converting it back to IR using a reciever unit on V1's back. This means you can control him through walls and with the addition of the wireless camera I began to get a little excited with the possibilities.

RF Hack

Check out more of these mods at; http://www.robosapien.tk/

Looking over to the lads at Evosapien for some further inspiration I found more helpfull information on the Robosapien. Knitsu offered alot in the way of programming hacks that I could not get my head around ( programming makes my head hurt) but for those of you who know how BasicX-24 works Knitsu's site is a must visit. Knitsu also performed many other hacks on the V1 including a Pocket PC hack, LED light belt and has his own Pocket PC V1 software.

Thing 1

Then you have this...

pocket pc

I thought this was gold. He has foam hands due to the fact that the PPC added so much extra weight it was throwing the bot off balance. It won a competion in 2004 for walking over a ramp and keeping it's balance.

Another of the Evosapien Crew Robbott wanted to make his V1 stand out in a crowd. He certainly achieved his goal using neon tubing he made his bot light up like a christmas tree from hell! He also put it on a tracked base and added a walkie talkie.


And lets not forget Dance Machine written by Roschler of Evosapien. Roschler wrote an awesome robosapien program to control V1 from a PC with a lego serial IR tower or a USB uirt. The program allows users to write scripts and get V1 to get down and dirty to a bit of Britney Spears or some Enya. Roschler also has a voice control program for V1, check out his videos at You Tube.

More recently Nocturnal has completed a couple of nifty RSV1 hacks including his version of Spidersapien where he merges a V1 and an N.S.E.C.T and RobotTed where RSV1 gets a new life as a fluffy teddy bot. Check out the videos on YouTube below. Make sure to also watch  the video relpy to RoboTed it is a classic.

These are just a few of the hacks I have seen since I began taking notice. There have been many other hacks and mods including, WiFi & Bluetooth mods, laser hacks and basic stamp additions. To keep up to date with new V1 mods head to Robosapien.tk.

Well that's a wrap for me I think on the V1 hacks and mods front. Next up I will attempt to provide; "A short and incomplete history of Roboraptor, Roboreptile and Robopet hacks and mods."

Thanks for reading my rant


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