WowWee Announces 5 New Robots at CES 2007

Saturday 6 January, 2007. Las Vegas, NV.

WowWee announced no fewer than 5 new products today at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new robots are: the Flytech Dragonfly, WowWee Alive Elvis, Roboboa, Robopanda, and Roboquad. WowWee is also announcing the RS Media for the North American market (the RS Media was released in the UK and Australia last year). There will also be mini versions of the Roboboa, Robopanda, and Roboquad.

Brief descriptions of each robot:

Flytech Dragonfly: Billed as the world's radio-controlled flying insect, the Dragonfly flies by flapping its wings, much like a real dragonfly. The Dragonfly is lightweight and has a crash-resistant structure.

WowWee Alive Elvis: Much like the Alive Chimpanzee, Alive Elvis is a lifelike singing and talking bust of Elvis Presley. It has an autonomous mode where it is animated and makes occassional remarks. Can also be used as a sing-along companion, play back music from an external source and has a remote control in the shape of a microphone.

Roboboa: As its name suggests, the Roboboa is a snake-like robot that moves uses its motorized sections to propel itself like a snake. In addition, using its sensors, it has multiple modes including Aware, Explore and Party modes. In Aware mode, it responds to objects it sees and can track them. Explore mode is like the autonomous mode on many other WowWee robots in that it moves around by itself interacting with what it encounters. A 3rd-party audio player can also be plugged into the Roboboa and it will dance to the music.

Robopanda: Strongly geared to the younger consumer, the Robopanda interacts with its user, by playing games, telling stories and having conversations. It moves and uses its touch and sound sensors for a complete interactive experience. The content can be expanded by switching out the interchangeable cartridges.

Roboquad: Featuring a unique four-legged movement that uses legs that swivel, the Roboquad is able to move itself forward, backwards and sideways. Its head also rotates around completely so that it is able to monitor its environment without having to move its body first. Roboquad has light and sound sensors with multiple personalities including Awareness and Agressiveness.

RS Media: Previously released in Australia and the UK, the RS Media will be released this year in North America. The RS Media is the next generation Robosapien with advanced multimedia capabilities, such as audio, video and image capture and playback. It also has multiple personalities, as well as giving the user the ability to create their own using the accompanying suite of software applications.

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