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Cinemin Swivel Included in ESPY Gift Bag, Best Tech Swag Ever

Ahh... the lifestyles of the rich and famous.  By invitation only, of course, certain lucky members of the upper class not only get to grace the ESPY awards ceremony with their presence, but as if they needed it, also get to take home a sweet gift bag of cool stuff.

If we were attending the ESPY's, we know what we'd be doing... digging to the bottom of the bag, past the spa tickets, clothes, and perfume right to the good stuff, the only stuff that matters - the tech swag.  This year, already-rich recipients of the wondrous sack of luxury will be the proud parents of a new Cinemin Swivel - the pico projector that promises to revolutionize mobile entertainment.

Stay tuned to the community for more news on the Cinemin Swivel as it becomes available... you won't have to be envious of the stars forever!

[Via ESPN]

[Learn more about the Cinemin Swivel at Cinemin.tv!]

Nurture WowWee Alive Cubs in an Online Virtual World

WowWee has partnered with Kidscom.com to provide a virtual room where you can feed, watch, and take care of your favorite Alive Cubs in their natural habitats.

All you have to do is take a few quick minutes to sign up for the Kidscom.com online community (kids, make sure to ask your parent's permission first) and head over to the Alive Cubs room (click here.)

There are also games that you can play, including Concentration and "Who am I?"

Have fun learning about animals and nurturing your virtual cubs!  You can learn more about the real WowWee Alive Cubs here.

AndRovio Lets You Control Rovio From Your Android Phone, Only 99 Cents

No longer are T-Mobile G1 and other Android cellphone users envious of iPhoners - now that AndRovio is available. 

AndRovio - Control Your WowWee Rovio From An Android Phone

This application by Poignant Projects, available from the Android App Store for a measly $.99, allows users of Google's mobile OS to join their iPhone brethren in mobile Rovio controlling bliss.

[Via SlashGear]

Rovio Featured on CNN, WowWee's Hong Kong Offices Toured

Rovio is featured in an exclusive interview at WowWee's Hong Kong offices with Davin Sufer, WowWee's CTO.

Watch CNN’s Hong Kong correspondent, Kristie Lu Stout, as she tours WowWee's offices and gets the full scoop on Rovio!

[via CNN]

WowWee Rovio Official Tutorial Videos Now Available

Here at RoboCommunity, we hope that you're enjoying all of your robots and have no issues getting them set up.  I mean, you're all robot experts, right?

Well... OK, so not *all* of us are experts.  In fact, MOST of us are just starting out in the world of robotics, don't know a servo from a solar cell, and couldn't program our way out of a paper bag.

The Rovio has helped introduce thousands of new entrants into the field of robotics and telepresence, and WowWee themselves knows that sometimes getting things set up correctly can be a bit tricky.  Now, you'll not only have our community Rovio Resources, but also official tutorial videos to help you get up and running.

Check them out and let us know how your Rovio setup experience is going!

Cinemin Swivel Brings Pico Projector Spirit to Digital Graffiti Festival

This June, digital artists from around the world will project original works onto a town's iconic white walls at the 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, the world's first outdoor projection festival. The festival, sponsored by the sleek new Cinemin(TM) Swivel pico projector, provides filmmakers, musicians, and animators with an interactive canvas outside the constructs of boardrooms and movie theaters. Designed by WowWee Technologies, and powered by Texas Instruments' DLP(R) Technology, the Cinemin Swivel is one of the latest projection devices enabling artists to cast dynamic images onto urban structures as a means of artistic expression, referred to as "Photon Bombing,""Guerilla Projection" or "Urban Projection." The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival will take place on June 6, 2009 at the breathtaking resort town Alys Beach, Florida.

The 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, sponsored by Cinemin Swivel, explores how design, technology and architecture can intertwine to create entirely new art forms. For one evening, Alys Beach opens its doors, courtyards and pedestrian paths to innovative, ground-breaking artists who transform the entire town into a living work of art through a variety of projected mediums including photography and animation.

Read More

In India, Rovio and Buddibot Keep Distributed Families in Touch

This is one of the coolest and most practical uses we've seen of Rovio yet... to keep families abroad in touch.  Buddibot, a startup with offices in the US, Australia, and India, has created a software service that is available on a yearly subscription (currently $35 USD, according to their site.)

This software allows you to keep in touch using WowWee's Rovio, and features reminders, a messaging service, "remote entertainment," and a "memories manager."

This product is targeted towards NRI's (non-resident Indians.)  The website does not designate specifically if it is available in other countries, or what languages it supports - but it shows great promise in using Rovio as a worldwide communications tool.

[Via BreakingUpdate.com]

Rovio Learns Soccer, Bends it Like Beckham

We all knew the Rovio was a master surveillance and spy robot, but a "footballer" too?  Yes, it's true, Rovio is on his way to becoming a star athlete, thanks to these students at NYU.

The Rovio's aren't doing this on their own, though, these whiz kids have programmed software that allows the Rovio to recognize the yellow ball and figure out the best way to push it into the red goal they've set up.  There's a ton of videos and pics up on their dedicated project page, why don't you have a look at the next robotic Pele?

[SlashGear via RobotsRule]

Engadget Giving Away a WowWee Tri-Bot - Today Only

Woo hoo!  If you've been down in the dumps because of the terrible economy and need a robot to cheer you up, Engadget's offering their "recession antidote" of the day... a WowWee Tri-Bot!!

You had better respond quick, though... entries will only be accepted through 11:59PM ET today!

[Via Engadget]

WowWee Rovio Wins Engadget's "Editor's Choice" For Robot Of The Year

Woo hoo!  Our favorite mobile webcam sentry has done it again... this time receiving critical acclaim as the "Robot of the Year" for the Editor's Choice category of the 2008 Engadget awards!

2008 Engadget Awards

Please join us in congratulating WowWee and Rovio for this awesome accomplishment.  You can hop on over to the official results page on Engadget to see some of the fellow winners in each additional category.

[Via Engadget]

Vote for Rovio As "Robot Of The Year" In The 2008 Engadget Awards

It's that time again... time to vote for your favorite gadgets, computers, robots, and more in Engadget's 2008 awards competition.

Vote For Rovio In 2008 Engadget Awards

Give Rovio, your favorite mobile telepresence robot, the props it deserves and cast your vote for "Robot of The Year!"

All you have to do is click here and vote... let's get Rovio in the spotlight!

[Via Engadget]

New Go-Robo Software Is Here for Femisapien, Wrex, and Robosapien V1/V2

If you're not familiar with Q4 Technologies, rest assured that they're continuing to blaze a trail in the fields of education and robotics.  Q4 has been programming software suites to unlock the potential of WowWee robots for quite some time, and has just announced four new software suites for your favorite robots.

These awesome new programs are perfect for aspiring young robot programmers, whether in a home or classroom setting.  So, parents and teachers - check out the latest version for your robot.  You can test them out on a 30 day trial before ordering from Q4 Technologies.

Go-Robo Controller for Robosapien V2

Download Go-Robo Controller for Robosapien V2

Go-Robo Choreographer for Femisapien

Download Go-Robo Choreographer for Femisapien

Go-Robo Dawg Trainer for Wrex the Dawg

Download Go-Robo Dawg Trainer for Wrex the Dawg

Go-Robo Programmer for Robosapien

Download Go-Robo Controller for Robosapien V1 and Roboremote

Go-Robo Studio Home Edition Announced, Programmers Rejoice

London – 13/02/2008: – Q4 Technologies today announces ‘Go-Robo™ Studio’ Home Edition, built from the ground up to help budding programmers. At present WowWee® robots can be controlled from a computer using their Roboremote™ USB Infra-Red controller. The Roboremote™ software lets you to save sequences in flash memory, so your robots can perform complex routines at the click of a button. Roboremote™ has twelve memories; each one can store 160 instructions for a one robot or multiple robots. But if Roboremote™ comes with free software, why would anyone want to pay for extra software?

Well firstly, as it stands at the moment, WowWee’s Roboremote™ software doesn’t calculate how long the robots take to perform their actions. The new Go-Robo™ Studio Home Edition allows programmers to time the robotic movements exactly in time with music, saving time and massively simplifying the whole process. Go-Robo automatically calculates the timings for each robot action, letting you concentrate on creating fun routines for your robots, rather than the tedium of working out and adding timings.

Read More

Tri-bot, RS Media, and WowWee Go On The Road With "Dot Robot" Author Jason Bradbury

Who better to travel with a gadget geek and author of a new robotics-oriented techno thriller than our favorite WowWee bots?

Your beloved mechanical pals have befriended none other than Jason Bradbury, a gadget and technology expert.  "Dot Robot," the first in a trilogy of techno-thrillers, will be launched at the Apple Store on Regent Street in London, England this month.

There's also some "Robot Roadshows" planned, where Bradbury will read from his books while attendees and kids can play with on-hand WowWee robots.

For more information about the book, head over to http://www.doyouknowanysecrets.com/

[Via ToyNewsOnline]

[Jason Bradbury's Official Site]

Fall In Love With Tri-bot and Femisapien's Lower Prices

WowWee really decided to share the love on Valentine's Day this year.  If you're in need of a new robotic companion, this is the time - as Femisapien and Tri-bot are now on sale at the WowWee store for some crazy low prices.

First, check out Femisapien - the hottest new thing in agile robotic technology.  She'll dazzle you with 56 different functions, the ability to learn routines up to 80 steps long, and 59 hidden functions giving her an air of mystery.  Originally, Femisapien cost $99 USD... but now you can get her for virtually half the price... only $49.99 USD!

[Head over to the WowWee Store and Buy Femisapien]

[Read the Full Review of Femisapien]

Next, we've got the lovable Tri-bot.  He's the new robot in town and is definitely full of energy and personality.  You can play games with him, zip him around on his advanced three wheel base, or sneak up and pull pranks on unsuspecting victims.

Read More

Go-Robo Software Works Wonders For WowWee Robots

For all those who wish to program their WowWee bots to their heart's delight, you may find that the included remote doesn't offer enough speed or flexibility for your ultra-creative mind.

For the aspiring robot programmer, dance choreographer, or "dawg" trainer, Go-Robo comes to the rescue with a suite of Windows-only programs to expand programming functionality for your beloved robots.

The Go-Robo Studio costs about $87 USD (60 GBP) and will work with most WowWee robots.  Sold separately are Go-Robo Choreography for Femisapien (about $58 USD) and Go-Robo Dawg Trainer for Wrex the Dawg (about $58.)

Check out the fun video below to see what the Go-Robo software is capable of.  If you're interested in purchasing Go-Robo, visit their official site!

[via Make]

Robosapien: Rebooted Movie Plot Details Released!

Scheduled for release in 2009, Robosapien: Rebooted is currently in post-production, and we can't wait.  Pioneered by Avi Arad of Crystal Sky Productions, Robosapien: Rebooted promises action, fun, and plenty of sci-fi goodness.

What's more is that Crystal Sky has released a pliot synopsis of the new movie along with a movie poster - a nice teaser for what we hope will be an awesome movie featuring our favorite bipedal pal.

Here's the synopsis:

"An inventor working for Kinetech Labs has designed a robot for search and rescue missions that has the ability to mimic human actions and emotions. After discovering that the robot's advanced microchip is actually going to be used by Kinetech for military applications, the inventor programs the robot to flee, whereupon it is damaged. Twelve year old Henry finds the broken robot, fixes him up and names him Cody. With no memory of his past, Cody becomes Henry's best friend, helping him win over his love interest, battle bullies and partake in some crazy fun. Cody quickly becomes a valuable part of Henry's family as he helps them forge better relationships with one another, and even surprises them by remodeling their home.

Read More

Rovio Test Drive Ends This Friday - Sign Up Now!

Ever since Rovio rolled onto the scene, the community has been buzzing about all the cool things it can do.  What?  You haven't gotten your Test Drive yet?

In case you didn't know, or if you're new to Rovio and RoboCommunity, WowWee has their own official site for Rovio, called MeetRovio.  There, you can schedule a "Test Drive" of the Rovio mobile webcam.

In the Test Drive, you'll be able to give Rovio's interface and camera a full run and see for yourself what everyone's talking about.  Don't delay, though - you only have until this Friday to get your chance!

Head on over to MeetRovio.com to schedule yours now!

New WowWee Website Launches With Fun Contests

Attention all WowWee fans:  WowWee has launched their new website with a brand new look and feel, and some great contests to take part in also!

First of all, check out the great new look of WowWee's corporate site!  You'll be able to browse all WowWee products, hang out in the Lounge, and delve into code and robot programming in the Lab!

In addition, WowWee is offering some fun contests for you to participate in!  

First, check out the "funniest joke" competition for Tri-bot!  Submit your favorite joke and you have a chance to win one of five Tri-bots, and a chance of having your joke published on Boys Life's website, at http://www.boyslife.org! Take a look at the official contest rules by clicking here.

Finally, take a look at the WowWee Alive Cubs and take the "Polar Bear Plunge!"  You can enter to win your very own Alive Cub or even a

Read More

Toy Experts Know Best - WowWee's Products Get Top Honors

Whether you're looking for a gift to yourself, a family member, friend or child - you may already have your eyes on a WowWee robotic toy.  As if you needed any more reasons to choose WowWee this year, numerous organizations and publications have honored these awesome products with great acclaim.

WowWee Flytech Bladestar

The FlyTech Bladestar, a revolution in indoor helicopter flight, was awarded with the prestigious "Editor's Choice" award from Popular Mechanics magazine - one of only 20 products to receive this award.  Bladestar also received acclaim from Creative Child magazine, Dr. Toy, and the Parent's Choice foundation.

Adorable and full of personality, the Alive Cubs make a great gift for children or collectors. These animatronic pals have been showered with praise from Redbook magazine, The National Parenting Center, and numerous others.

In WowWee's Robotics line, the RS Tri-bot shines through with his "new robot" personality and wisecracking, fun-loving nature.

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