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WowWee Rovio Official Tutorial Videos Now Available

Here at RoboCommunity, we hope that you're enjoying all of your robots and have no issues getting them set up.  I mean, you're all robot experts, right?

Well... OK, so not *all* of us are experts.  In fact, MOST of us are just starting out in the world of robotics, don't know a servo from a solar cell, and couldn't program our way out of a paper bag.

Cinemin Swivel Brings Pico Projector Spirit to Digital Graffiti Festival

This June, digital artists from around the world will project original works onto a town's iconic white walls at the 2009 Digital Graffiti Festival, the world's first outdoor projection festival. The festival, sponsored by the sleek new Cinemin(TM) Swivel pico projector, provides filmmakers, musicians, and animators with an interactive canvas outside the constructs of boardrooms and movie theaters.

In India, Rovio and Buddibot Keep Distributed Families in Touch

This is one of the coolest and most practical uses we've seen of Rovio yet... to keep families abroad in touch.  Buddibot, a startup with offices in the US, Australia, and India, has created a software service that is available on a yearly subscription (currently $35 USD, according to their site.)