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Free event showcases locally made robots at Notre Dame

Notre Dame will be celebrating National Robotics Week on Sunday, April 27. At the event, you'll have the chance to see robots that interact with people, play football and even fly!

The University of Notre Dame will celebrate National Robotics Week in a free, community-wide event.

RoboCommunity Shop Now Open For Business!

We know how you feel. You've been practically drooling over that new Robosapien X, and fawning over RoboRaptor. You just can't wait to see the delivery truck pull up to your driveway, the package handler beaming with pride as they hand you your box full of electronic goodness. The feeling you get when you gingerly cut the packing tape and slowly unearth the package from its cardboard prison.

WowWee Rocks Out With PaperJamz Guitars, Amp, and Drum Kit

We've all grown to know and love WowWee for their robotics creations, but their most recent announcement focuses on a brand new line of electronic toy products called PaperJamz. WowWee is no stranger to the toy market, and this latest entry holds lots of promise.