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Blog Avatar Stay current! Keep informed! Get the latest news, rumors, and information about WowWee's line of robotic toys and robots in general. This is RoboCommunity's headline news!

Free event showcases locally made robots at Notre Dame

Notre Dame will be celebrating National Robotics Week on Sunday, April 27. At the event, you'll have the chance to see robots that interact with people, play football and even fly!

The University of Notre Dame will celebrate National Robotics Week in a free, community-wide event.

More than 80 Notre Dame faculty members and students as well as community robotics groups will be on hand to talk about their research and demonstrate their work with robots and sensors.

Participants will be able to interact with all the exhibits, which include mobile robots that autonomously interact with people, robots that play football and unmanned aerial vehicles

Read the full story here: http://ndneighborhood.com/blog/nd-neighborhood/apr-17-2014/free-event-showcases-locally-made-robots-notre-dame

Vote for WowWee's MiP in Last Gadget Standing Contest

WowWee's MiP robot is in the finals for Last Gadget Standing's top products! They are now in the top 7 products that are being displayed at CES2014.

You can vote for MiP as your favorite gadget and the winner will be highlighted during CES2014.

Vote here now!


MiP (short for Mobile Inverted Pendulum) is the latest innovation by WowWee in association with UCSD’s (University of California at San Diego) Coordinated Robots Lab.

With its unique dual wheel balancing, MIP is a fully interactive robot able to navigate its surroundings while controlled by hand gestures or through a Bluetooth link to any smart device.

MiP has an inquisitive and responsive personality that is communicated through motion, sound, and its LED “eyes”.

Along with a tray accessory that can be attached, MiP can balance multiple objects or even another MiP while moving or standing still.

Available: June 2014

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RoboCommunity Shop Now Open For Business!

We know how you feel. You've been practically drooling over that new Robosapien X, and fawning over RoboRaptor. You just can't wait to see the delivery truck pull up to your driveway, the package handler beaming with pride as they hand you your box full of electronic goodness. The feeling you get when you gingerly cut the packing tape and slowly unearth the package from its cardboard prison.

Yes, you want to buy a new WowWee robot!

At the top of your RoboCommunity homepage, you'll see a new tab entitled "Shop." Click there, and you will be whisked away to a place where you can conveniently browse the selection of WowWee robots, and purchase one of your own.

Enjoy your shopping, and thanks for being a part of our community!

WowWee Alive Perfect Puppies Buddy & Bella Scamper Into Your Heart

Not content to stop with the lovable Alive Cubs, the creators at WowWee have brought the Perfect Puppy series of Alive pets to life.  Buddy is an adorable goldendoodle, while Bella is a Portuguese Water Dog; both are sure to become your next favorite companion.

Judging by the descriptions on WowWee's official site, the Perfect Puppies seem to improve on the previous alive toys; they can make 18 different sounds, more of their body parts are animated, they respond differently to loud or soft voice commands, and can tell the difference between different kinds of touch interaction (e.g., pet, stroke, etc.)

You can learn more about the Perfect Puppies at WowWee's official site.

RoboScooper Grabs Stuff, Helps You Recycle, And Looks Cute Too

It's been a while since we heard any robotic news from our friends at WowWee, and we're all beaming with joy as we announce the newest member of the family: Roboscooper.

This friendly (and helpful) blue-eyed chap will give you a hand with picking up small objects around the house.  If you put him in autonomous mode, he'll put the glom on tiny treasures without even having to be told.  If you get bored watching him pick up your Twix and Doritos wrappers while you sip your Mountain Dew, you can take full driving control and even whack stuff for fun.

You can pre-order Roboscooper for $70 USD.

[Via Engadget]

WowWee Rocks Out With PaperJamz Guitars, Amp, and Drum Kit

We've all grown to know and love WowWee for their robotics creations, but their most recent announcement focuses on a brand new line of electronic toy products called PaperJamz. WowWee is no stranger to the toy market, and this latest entry holds lots of promise.

Lance Ulanoff at PCMag.com got a chance to play hands on with the PaperJamz, and you can take a peep at this excellent video documenting his experience.  If you're familiar with Guitar Hero, you can get an idea of the appeal here.  The electric guitars are literally made out of cardboard and are played via a touch capacitive panel, to simulate the strumming of strings.  The sound is impressively loud and clear, and you can even amplify the guitar with an additional cardboard amp, which utilizes a flat panel loudspeaker to project your chords.  If you have a friend who's willing to jump in, PaperJamz also has a realistic sounding drum kit for you to pound out some rhythm.

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WowWee Rovio Dives Into Augmented Reality With LinceoVR

Words can barely describe how much we love this!  There's been a lot of chatter lately about augmented reality (AR), usually in the world of cellphones.  Apple's iPhone 3GS, for example, is starting to gather a decent library of games that blend the real world with the digital world, such as Gunman.

So, what if you could also pilot Rovio in a virtual world?  LinceoVR, an innovative product by seac02, allows you to do just that.   Dubbed the "WowWee Rovio gaming platform," LinceoVR can pilot your Rovio where he's never gone before. 

Judging by their description on the Rovio page, it sounds like the possibilities for this are endless; LinceoVR artists can create their augmented reality application and "export it" for viewing with the Rovio.  Honestly, we're not entirely sure how it works, but it looks awesome.  Check out the video to see what we mean!

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Save 50% On WowWee Rovio Headlight Attachment for Limited Time

Awesome... for an unannounced, limited time, get Rovio's headlight attachment for a whopping 50% off at the WowWee Store.  All you have to do is use the coupon code "shine."  You'll also receive free shipping!

Head on over to the WowWee Store to pick one up now, before it's too late!

WowWee Roborover Wins 2009 iParenting Media Award

The iParenting Media Awards aim to recognize products that are outstanding for children, through a thorough and fair evaluation process.  WowWee products have won many of these awards, the latest of which is our buddy Roborover!

With the entertaining Roborover, WowWee continues its tradition of creating robotic toys that are perfect for kids and adults alike.  Join us in helping Roborover celebrate his award!

[For more information on Roborover, click here.]

[For more information on the iParenting Awards, click here.]

Robots Can't Wait For Christmas, Start Dancing Early

Whether you're the type to break out the tree and candy canes early, or the all-your-shopping-is-done-on-Christmas-Eve kind, who doesn't love a little robot dancing action?  Especially when done to the tune of some of your favorite holiday tracks.

[Via Engadget]

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