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Image Galleries and Other Exciting Updates!

Attention community members - we've made some great improvements to our site that we'd like to let you know about!

Member Updates

First, you can now see other member's birthdays in their profiles and in the members section; wish your friends a "Happy Birthday!" (Your year of birth will not be shown.)

Groups Updates

Second, take a look at the Groups section. We've now added the ability for anyone to add a download to a group. Feel free to contribute your download by using the "Submit a Download" link in the group.

Image Galleries

Last, but definitely not least - we've added Image Galleries! This exciting new feature will allow you to create a customized image gallery for your forum thread, article, download, group discussion, or blog entry.

You'll be able to add and remove photos, reorder your photos, have custom captions, and batch upload photos from your computer to the gallery to save time and effort. You'll need Flash on your computer to use the gallery feature.

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RS Media Personality Contest #1 Now Underway!

Attention RS Media lovers: this is the contest for you!!

We've already had a number of our members contribute some great personalities for use with the RS Media, such as good old C3-PO, the friendly DrNobot, and even Bugs Bunny.

So... are you hungry for more? Are you ready to flex your creative muscles and create your own new personality? We're glad to hear it, since we're going to reward the winner with a RoboBounty!

Read more at the official contest page for the full details on how to submit a personality and win your own ROBO BOUNTY!

Exciting Additions to RoboCommunity - Awards and Videos

We've added a few awesome features to RoboCommunity that we'd like to highlight.

First, we've added a "Videos" section.  You can navigate to the videos on RoboCommunity by using the tab at the top of your page, or by clicking here.  You'll see some original videos as well as many of our favorites from around the web.  Don't miss the hottest footage on all of WowWee's robots!

Also, we'd love to hear from you if you find a great YouTube video to feature.  You can post to this thread if you see one that you like!

Second, we've added a section to highlight the WowWee's robotic accomplishments.  Many of the robots have won numerous awards by major publications, shows and fairs - including the Associated Press, TIME Magazine, Parenting and Creative Child magazines, and more.  You can view the awards page here.

Thank you for visiting our site, and we hope to continue bringing you the hottest new features!

Congratulations to the RoboCommunity Video Mania Contest Winners!

Back on December 5th, 2007, RoboCommunity announced

RoboCommunity Video Mania!

We asked you to post as many embedded YouTube videos of WowWee robots as you could find. If you were able to find or create a video of a robot doing something fun and wacky, or otherwise significant, we gave you an entry into the contest.

Well, the judges have wrapped things up, and our selected winners are about to be announced!

Drumroll, please...

Runner Up #1 - milw

Milw did some great detective work, and posted some videos of robots featured in WowWee's new lineup. Take a look at the footage!

He'll be enjoying a new WowWee t-shirt!

Video Mania Runner Up #2 - RobosapienV2-4mem8

RobosapienV2-4mem8 posted a video of RoboQuad getting his groove on - it's really fun to watch.

Also, check out his excellent footage of a mod that he's doing - a shoulder-mounted laser and tracking camera. This mod is just too cool - it looks great in the dark. Turn your RSV2 into a mechanized warrior - or just help him point things out!

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Welcome CES Visitors!

The RoboCommunity Team wanted to be the first to welcome attendees at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show to the community. If you're visiting the site from the show, we welcome you, want you to know that we're excited about WowWee's presence and announcements at CES, and thought we'd give you a few places to start in your exploration of WowWee's official user community.

First, make sure you join the community. This will give you full access to all the great features our community platform has to offer.

Second, check out the site's browse page. This will let you browse article, blog and forum content on the site by topic. Every robot WowWee has released is listed there, as well as topics like hacks and mods and general robotics. You might even find a good artificial intelligence conversation to throw yourself into.

And definitely don't miss the

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RoboCommunity Relaunched!

You might have noticed... RoboCommunity has been completely redesigned, and relaunched to bring you all the latest fun and useful features Capable Networks' online community platform has to offer.

From the new private messaging system to a powerful new browse page to a groups feature where you can share common interests to an exciting members page where you meet more members of the community... We certainly hope you enjoy the new features and functionality.

Also, keep in mind that these kinds of major migrations require a bit of time to work through.  So, if you see missing forum posts, or something is in a weird place, just let us know.  We're working through these things to get everything back to 100% as quickly as possible. 

So, take a look around, and give us feedback. We'd love to hear from you. And in the meantim, enjoy the new and improved RoboCommunity!

Robot Halloween Contest Entries are IN! Let the judging commence!

In the running for the Scariest robot scene this Halloween, we have (in order by date of submission)...

  1. Jaxster - PumpkinSapien
  2. milw - Skelator meets Jason meets Robosapien
  3. Nocturnal - I'm so pretty!
  4. MrScott - I won't be replaced!
  5. RobosapienV2-4mem8 - Borg-o-sapien

In the running for the Funniest robot scene this Halloween, we have (in order by date of submission)...

  1. milw - SpongeRob SapienPants
  2. roschler - ElmoSapien
  3. MrScott - Trick-or-Treat-Bot
  4. Nocturnal - Killer Hamster Robot Dance
  5. RobosapienV2-4mem8 - V2 in a Time Warp

In the running for the Most Realistic robot scene this Halloween, we have (in order by date of submission)...

  1. MrScott - The original Forbidden Planet
  2. milw - A different take on a scene from Star Wars
  3. Nocturnal - [Another] Sixth Sense
Now, it's all up to the judges. Well, the judge... Our very own Michelle C! Whom will she choose for one of our
Read More

Welcome to RoboCommunity!

Hello and welcome to our little corner of the (robotic) world!  Through RoboCommunity, we will be bringing you information about all of the exciting things happening at WowWee - new products, features, and insights that you won't find anywhere else on the web.

For example, take a look at the Evolution of the Roboraptor article.  It's filled with pictures depicting the details and inner workings of how the raptor came to life, complete with commentary by Mark Tilden.  Expect much more of this kind of unique information in the near future.

RoboCommunity is owned and operated by Capable Networks LLC.  We specialize in building inspiring online communities such as TechLore.com, SlingCommunity.com, and DVRplayground.com.  Please stop by and check out those sites too!

We hope that you enjoy RoboCommunity and please give us your feedback, comments, and thoughts - good and bad.  We want to make this YOUR place.


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