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Randy from WowWee

Robocommunity members,

As you may know, I'm taking over official duties as the voice of WowWee on Robocommunity!  I welcome the opportunity to engage with our robot-loving fans.    

Some quick tidbits about me:

- I am a Marketing Manager at WowWee

- I'm the guy who started to actively respond to postings in our Social Media venues in October 2009 (join Facebook, Twitter)

- I'm a fan of these shows: ST:TNG, DS9, Enterprise, Battlestar Galactica and The Office (I'm convinced Dwight is a robot)

I'll try to help out the best I can and keep things fun!



WowWee.com | facebook.com/WowWee | @WowWeedotcom

Rovio eCos code

I know some of you have been impatiently (and patiently) waiting for the entire eCos code for Rovio and we've finally got it for you. You can get right here:


Note that you'll need the ARM Developer Suite v.1.2 to run this script, or if you don't, you can use your own ARM develpment tools to compile the code. 

Have fun! 

For VGA to AV conversion, try Cinemin Swap!

Long-awaited and finally available, the Cinemin Swap is now available for your Cinemin Swivel needs at Brookstone. You can use it to project your VGA signals (i.e. from your laptop or netbook) to an analog AV signal that Swivel can use.

Updates to the Rovio Software v.2.3 -- now en fran├žais!

Great news for our French Rovio users -- our latest Rovio Software Installer v.2.3 (freshly uploaded) has a few bug fixes and now is also available in French! 

Let us know what you think! 

Latest Rovio Recorder (v.1.1) for downlaod

New and improved Rovio Recorder v.1.1 for you to try out in case you haven't already.

Let us know what you think!

New Rovio Headlight video

Rovio users:

Here the first Rovio Headlight video. Feel free to give feedback!

Rovio users -- tip for viewing updates

Here's a Rovio tip:

For those of you wondering how to view the complete list of firmware changes, you can always view the text file by entering the address of your Rovio, and then adding /updates.txt to the end of the URL.

For example:


New and improved: Rovio Firmware v.5.02b4

Hey Rovio-owners,

Here's a new firmware (v.5.02b4) for you to try out:


There's a few updates to it, as I've listed here, including some improvements to VLC support.

Feel free to leave feedback!


Avid Rovio developers take heed -- new API (v.1.3) available!

Hi all,

Just a little heads up to tell you that we've uploaded a new API for Rovio (v.1.3), which includes the following updates:

New functions documented:

  • GetUPnP.cgi
  • SetUPnP.cgi
  • SendHttp.cgi

Updated functions:

  • SetWlan.cgi/GetWlan.cgi
  • SetIP.cgi/GetIP.cgi

Happy coding!

Updates for Rovio -- now updated support for Windows Vista!

Hi everyone,

Great news for Rovio users on Windows Vista -- I've posted Vist-compatible Rovio Firmware Updater v.2.1 and an update to the Rovio Software Installer (v.2.1) which resolves issues with Vista installations.

Feel free to leave feedback for these Rovio apps!

Rovio's latest and greatest... download them now!

Hi all, 
Hope you're all enjoying the great Spring weather! To mark this occasion, we've released stable versions of the latest Rovio Software Installer (v.2.0) and the Rovio Software for Mac (v.1.0) for your Rovio-ing pleasure.
Feel free to leave feedback

New Rovio Software for Mac v.1.0b7 (Beta)

Good news -- there's a new Mac version of the Rovio Software available for download now. Have a go at it and let us know what you think.

Oh, one little thing though -- we're working on getting new versions of the Rovio Software to include firmware updating as well, but this Beta version of the software for Mac doesn't have that feature yet...

Stay tuned!

New Rovio stable software/firmware released (among other cool things)

Great news: after all your help and feedback, we are able to release the latest stable versions of the Rovio firmware (5.00) and Rovio Software (for PC) (

Some of the major changes for the Rovio 5.00 firmware (from v.3.97) include:

  • New WPA and WPA2 support (NOTE: does not support WPA2 Enterprise encryption)
  • New UPnP support
  • Enhanced stability
  • Added online status indicator
  • Faster loading

Some of the major changes for the Rovio Software for PC include:

  • Enhanced stability
  • Text updates
  • Updated GUI
  • Resolved issues with the updater utility 

We've also posted beta released of the Rovio Software for Mac setup and the Rovio Firmware Updater tool in the downloads area. Test them out and let us know how it works for you guys.

Have fun and happy testing!

Follow-up: new Beta firmware for Rovio available for download

Hi guys and girls,

In case you haven't heard, there's a new Beta firmware (ver. 5.00b10) for Rovio available for download here. Feel free to give some feedback on the latest version here.

You can also get the newest Rovio PC Software here; it's supposed to work much better with Windows Vista. Feel free to leave feedback for the setup software on the Rovio forum as well. 


Happy New Year to all!

To all Robocommunity members and non-members,

I want to thank all who've helped us out throughout the year in providing feedback (good and bad) and suggestions. Thanks for making Robocommunity such a vibrant robot community!

All the best for a healthy and happy 2009!

See you in the new year!

Rovio, Rovio, Rovio -- wherefore art thou Rovio...

All soliloquies aside, here's some exciting news for you... New Rovio firmware is now available for Beta testing! I urge all Rovio owners out there to download the latest Rovio Beta firmware (v.5.00b7) we've posted here and test it out.

There's numerous improvements and changes and even new WPA encryption support, Universal Plug and Play feature for automatic port-forwarding setup, updated interface, hardware reset -- the list goes on...

NOTE that it's still in Beta, which means it's not a stable version yet, and though it's working and been tested, there's still more testing to do... which is where you guys come in.

You've spoken, and we've definitely been listening. Therefore, we encourage you to give us feedback

What's the next evolution?

So I haven't posted a new entry in a while, and thought I should make up for it by getting requests from you guys... so here's my proposal:

You guys tell me which WowWee product you want to see an "Evolution of" write up, and I'll make it happen.

Polls are now open! 

Good news for Roboremote users...

As discussed, an update to the Roboremote software has been posted... This update supports Tri-bot codes. If you haven't already downloaded it, you can download it now from the WowWee Support site!

Feel free to post any feedback on the Roboremote board

Davin on CNN.com with Femisapien

Check out Davin on CNN.com accompanied by the lovely Femisapien (apologies to those who can't watch the video because of their location).


Chatterbot chatter

So amongst all the Chatterbot chatter that's been going around (here, here, and here to name a few), what do you Robocommunity-ites think of the new Chatterbots?

Post your honest opinions!

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