Pleo rb Dissected By FCC, See Horrifying Photos of Non-Jurassic Dino Innards

When Innvo Labs adopted the widely known (but poorly sold) Pleo robotic dinosaur from Ugobe, they've made several appearances at trade shows with an improved version of the adorable baby Camarasaurus.

Dubbed "Pleo rb (re-born)", the new Pleo offers more and improved sensors, voice recognition, and an RFID reader for learning new commands. According to the user manual, the new Pleo rb "is an autonomous creature with a complex software architecture that enables him/her to:
• Learn and understand your verbal commands
• Express moods and emotions
• React to various kinds of PLEO rb foods and food stuffs
• Know your time, day and night
• Sense hot and cold; could get sick
• Better skin sensation
• Better sense of orientation and motion
• Respond to you and the environment"

All good news for robo-dino lovers, it looks like Innvo is gearing up to start breeding Pleo's en' masse. The curtain lifted on Innvo Labs' FCC filing, which is required to legally sell the product in the United States since it packs a whole lot of wireless tech. The filing reveals many interesting details, including the user manual and loads of horrifying images of Pleo rb's robotic innards. The images are available by clicking to our gallery below, while the FCC's has the manual online for your viewing pleasure.

Check out our image gallery here >>

See Pleo rb's user manual here >>


cimplexsounds's picture

Wow this is pretty bad if you ask me!!! Putting the USB port in the battery compartment!!! Did these people even have a high school education? Their charging people $300 for this kind of mickey mouse contraption? We're looking for real robots here, not something a 2 year old child could put together. Thanks for posting this. I'll make sure I never waste my hard earned money on a Pleo Dino now.  This thing looks unsafe, I hope the FCC will make them redesign the model or refuse to approve it for sell in the U.S.